Congratulations to This Season’s Winners

Apr 19, 2016
At Marketplace Events we love our friends, fans, and followers. And to help show how much we appreciate and value your support, we hold a series of giveaways on several different channels (via Facebook, email, on our websites, and more) every year. Congratulations to the winners of this season’s giveaways!


  • Velena Adams, Scotts Snaps Sweepstakes (Minneapolis Home + Garden Show) 
  • Christy Coates, Scotts Snaps Sweepstakes (Facebook)
  • Lauren Gerber, Smart Home Sweepstakes (Winnipeg Home + Garden Show) 
  • Emily Hall, Scotts Snaps Sweepstakes (Des Moines Home + Outdoor Living Show) 
  • Brian Henderson, Scotts Snaps Sweepstakes (Capital Remodel + Garden Show) 
  • Bridget Nagle, $500 Smart Home Sweepstakes 
  • Rosemary Norton, $250 Post-Show Consumer Survey 
  • Pavel Posrednikov, $500 Smart Home Sweepstakes 
  • David Stone, Scotts Snaps Sweepstakes (Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo) 
  • Regina Shepherd, Scotts Snaps Sweepstakes (Raleigh Home Show) 
  • Patricia Taylor, $500 Smart Home Sweepstakes 
  • Kevin Troio, $250 Post-Show Consumer Survey 
  • Cynthia Toupin, $500 Smart Home Sweepstakes 
  • Sharon Underwood, $500 Smart Home Sweepstakes 
We hope our home shows have helped to inspire you to spruce up your space and that the prizes you’ve won will allow you to do so. Want to see your name on that list next season? Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and subscribe to receive information about Marketplace Events home shows happening in your area. Stay tuned to see what our next giveaway will be (hint: it’s a doozy!).

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