DIY Planter Challenge: Printed Pipe

May 13, 2016
To help put a little spring in all of our employees' steps, we challenged our Marketplace Events team members to a friendly DIY competition. Folks had just over a month to create a cute, original planter. There were no restrictions on size, style, or influence - it just had to be homemade.

Planter Challenge

Check out the full list of entries on our Facebook page and vote for your favorite. But first, learn how Karen A., Exhibit Sales Consultant for the Birmingham Home + Garden Show, created her fabulous printed pipe planter.

What you'll need:

  • PVC sewage elbow
  • Grinding disc
  • Glue (Karen used Goop)
  • Stylish duct tape (Karen used leopard print)

Step 1: Start with a trip to your local hardware store to grab supplies. Karen went to Habitat for Humanity and bought a PVC sewage elbow and grinding disc. Total cost for both was $2.


Step 2: Using a sturdy adhesive, (Karen chose Goop), glue the disc to the bottom of the PVC.


Step 3: Cover the PVC in stylish duct tape. Karen used leopard print to give her planter a funky look, but you can use any style.

Duct Tape

Step 4: Fill the planter with the plant of your choice. Karen selected an air plant from her property, but any species would look nice.

Finished Planter

We love the simplicity of this craft. A few dollars can go a long way when it comes to making planters. What do you think of Karen's creation? If you're a fan, make sure to vote for it in our DIY Planter Challenge. Visit Facebook to cast your vote today!

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