Welcome to the Jungle

Sep 25, 2019

Earth Works, a local family owned comprehensive landscape company and longtime partner of the Jacksonville Home + Patio, recently took their talents to help some furry, four-legged North Florida residents enjoy their home even more. Earth Works designed, built and donated a tropical water feature and pool for Catty Shack, a nonprofit wildlife sanctuary. 

To help Catty Shack even more, Earth Works is partnering with the refuge for Siberian tigers, lions and other animals by creating a Welcome To The Jungle feature in their space. Guests can also enter to win Guns N Roses concert tickets, Jaguars tickets and family passes to Catty Shack online at Planet Radio as part of Welcome To The Jungle event online at

Catty Shack Ranch


Here’s a snapshot look at the project, which guests can see when they take a tour of the sanctuary: 

  • Earth Works of Jacksonville designed, built and donated the water feature for the nonprofit wildlife sanctuary at 1860 Starratt Road on the city’s Northside. The pool was done by Pinnacle Pool Plastering Inc. of Jacksonville.
  • Jason Duffney, co-owner of Earth Works, said while they do hundreds of water features the tiger pool the Catty Shack project was their most challenging to date. Jason and his team was inspired to help Catty Shack after hearing about what they do and reached out to see if they wanted a water feature on top of the kitty pool.
  • The waterfall in the water feature is about 2-1/2 feet tall and 36 inches wide. They used about 12 tons of rock — Tennessee field stone, which makes nice waterfalls and won’t affect the pH-level of the water so it would remain clean and safe.
To learn more about Earth Works and Catty Shack Ranch, please visit the Earth Works feature display located at Booth 541 at the show. 

5 Storage Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Sep 25, 2019



If you’ve decided to downsize and give the condo life a go, adjusting to the confines of a smaller space can be a challenge. But there are ways to make the most of your place, regardless of the square footage. Here are our favourite tips on optimizing storage for smaller condos!  

#1 Hanging storage
Hanging things on the wall can free up a lot more space than you might think. Try to hang anything that comes in pairs or multiples – shoes, pots and pans in the kitchen, utensils, jewellery – the list goes on. Not only will it be easier to find these things once they are hung up, they’ll be out of the way and can free up some prime real estate on kitchen counters or in closets. Hanging these items will also help you keep a good inventory of your personal belongings. Even though they should be covered under your policy if they get damaged in the event of a loss, it’s a good idea to keep track of everything (especially the expensive stuff). Just in case! 
Alternatively, use hanging storage units or organizers that can easily be hung up behind doors, in closets or above counters in kitchens. Feeling creative? DIY and hang items in a fun way using baskets, rope, painted tin cans… whatever fits your aesthetic. And, in the event of a loss (let’s say – a flood or a fire), you might be covered under your condo policy for damage that happens to any improvements or unit installments you’ve made. 
TIP: If there’s just not enough wall space, store small appliances that you don’t use often in a storage locker. And just a heads up, your personal belongings that are storage are still covered by your condo insurance policy
#2 Under bed storage 
Beds can take up a lot of room in small spaces – but don’t feel like you should sacrifice your luxury king-size mattress for extra storage room. Utilizing the space underneath your bed is the way to go! There’s plenty of options that have multiple functionalities and will end up solving more than one problem. For example, if you don’t have room for a dresser, there’s bedframes with drawers you can put your clothes in. You can also use baskets, boxes or plastic storage units for more long-term storage items that you don’t need every day. 
Depending how much time and resources you have, you could also DIY loft-style or Murphy beds – but we’d only recommend this if you have really limited space.  
TIP: If you plan on building your own bedframe, loft bed or Murphy bed, be sure to do so in a safe way. Make sure everything is installed properly (especially if guests will be using it). Should anything go wrong, your liability coverage will have your back.   
#3 Under table storage 
Hear us out with this one… you can use wicker baskets or cool, vintage crate boxes that fit under tables to store things. You can “hide” them under side tables in your bedroom, or coffee tables in the living room. It’s a great way to utilize storage that isn’t so obvious! 
#4 Bike storage
Chances are, if you’re a city dweller you own and rely on a bike to get around. If not, you might be holding off because, well – where in the world do you store it? Cyclists are often stuck with leaving their bikes outside, leaving at risk for theft (which, by the way, is covered under your condo policy up to a certain amount). Hanging bike racks are also a great storage option for cyclists. They can be pretty affordable and easy to install, and can save you some extra hallway or closet space!
TIP: If your bike is on the pricier side, you might have to add it to your policy as a special belonging. Also, if you own a car while living in a condo, you might be able to save on your insurance premium by bundling your policies! 
#5 Recycle it 

Donating and recycling your belongings is a sure-fire way to free up space. Your condo can’t get cluttered if there’s nothing to clutter it! Purge your closet and donate any old clothes, or even try using buy and sell websites to sell appliances, gadgets, or other things you don’t use any more. While some items might be hard to part with, you’ll feel a lot better with less clutter (we promise). 

Making the switch to a condo? Find the right insurance with Sonnet and get a quote online!


Tips for your Home Show Visit

Sep 24, 2019
Planning to visit the Fall Atlanta Home Show?  Here are some tips to help you make the most of your day:
1)  Wear comfortable shoes
The Atlanta Home Show includes hundreds of home improvement experts, so plan on doing a good bit of walking.  There are seating areas inside and outside the exhibit hall so visitors can take a break if they want to.
2)  Give yourself plenty of time
Visitors are encouraged to talk to the experts, touch and see products demonstrated, ask questions, take pictures and make appointments.  Each day features entertaining and informative speakers, live radio broadcasts and contests, so you won’t want to rush!
3)  Bring your home improvement plans, photos, cell phones and ideas

The home improvement experts are at the Show to answer your questions and offer advice.  Plus, there are products and design ideas you might want to photograph to see if they will work in your home.  Many exhibitors offer special discounts if you make an appointment at the Show for an expert to come to your home later.  Others offer reduced product and service costs for Show attendees, so be sure to ask.

Attendees talking with exhibitor
4)  Comparison shop!
Nowhere else in Georgia will you find such a large gathering of home improvement products, services, professionals and more than at the Atlanta Home Show.  Whether you are in the market for outdoor living spaces, a kitchen or bathroom, exterior siding, interior painting, home décor, etc. you can talk one-on-one with several exhibitors in your interest area to compare products, availability and costs.
5)  Check out the speaker schedule at the PMCPros Home Show Stage

A hallmark of the Atlanta Home Show is its roster of expert speakers.  From nationally-known HGTV and DIY Network stars to local experts, there are speakers and topics to suit a variety of interests.  Have a seat and enjoy the program.  Most speakers take questions from the audience and also stick around after their presentation so they can speak one-on-one and answer questions.

Speaker talking to crowd
6)  Answers to frequently-asked questions:
• Onsite parking is available.  It costs $5 per day, payable by credit card only.
• There are food and beverage concessions available inside the exhibit hall as well as in Galleria Centre.
• There are products available for purchase at the Show.  Most are small enough to be carried with you, but you’ll need to make arrangements with the exhibitors for larger items.
• You may go in and out of the exhibit hall on the day of your visit, but be sure to get your hand stamped when you leave for return admission.
• Children are welcome, but please keep them with you at all times.


Top 5

Sep 24, 2019

The Jacksonville Home + Patio Show returns to transform downtown’s Prime Osborn Convention Center September 26-29, 2019. The show packs four days with home improvement ideas, interior design tips, cooking stage, DIY and interactive seminars and the hottest new products. With so much to do and see, what are the top 5, not-to-be-missed, must- see features at the show?  

1. Make It,Take It. What’s better than learning new DIY skills? Getting to learn new skills AND take home the fruits of your labor. The Make It,Take It feature area will host workshops throughout the show where guests can learn how to make industrial lights, upcycle reclaimed wood projects and more. Materials and demos from Let’s Inspire and Vintage Arts, LLC are all included in the price of admission. 

Annie Sloan Paint


2. Cooking Stage. Calling All Foodies! The I Know Jax Cooking Stage returns with a roster full of North Florida’s favorite local chefs. 

3. Hero Day. On Friday, September 27 the show celebrates local heroes – retired and active duty military, first responders, EMTs, firefighters, police and teachers receive complimentary admission to the show. 

4. Food Trucks x 2. North Florida’s hottest food trucks will rally at the show not once but TWICE over four days. Food truck Friday returns by popular demand, along with the ever popular Food Truck Sunday. 

Food Truck


5. Special Days. Every day at the show is special - but certain days feature special admission. The show celebrates local heroes on Friday, September 27  with Hero Day at the show – all active and retired military personnel get complimentary admission with valid ID (offer only with ID, and only on Friday). On Sunday, September 29 the show celebrates the community’s educators with Teacher Day -- complimentary admission with valid ID. 

For more information on all these features and more, please

Bizzabo Shares Marketing Insights on Events

Sep 23, 2019

Bizzabo discovered that 95% of respondents believed that live events provide attendees with a valuable opportunity to form in-person connections in an increasingly digital world. Bizzabo also discovered that 80% of overperforming businesses planned to increase their event budgets the following year.

Read the full article on the Bizzabo Blog:

Meet Eric & Lindsey Bennett of HGTV's Desert Flippers

Sep 23, 2019

On the popular HGTV series Desert Flippers, husband and wife team Eric and Lindsey Bennett transform outdated Palm Springs, California properties. While Palm Springs is on the opposite coast from Florida, both locales share a booming housing market, vacation-style amenities and for the most part - amazing weather. At the show, they’ll share how they built their real estate empire from nothing, their best lessons learned from more than 100 home flips in triple-digit heat, and how they juggle their three children through it all. 

Before they arrive from the desert, we asked them a few questions:

Q. What tool should every homeowner own? A. A 25’ tape measure. Any home improvement or design project begins with planning. Once we’ve dimensioned and graphed a space the creativity and productivity can really begin!

Q. Wallpaper: love or hate? A. LOVE! WP is one of the best ways to add oomph to spaces big or small, and add a designer look for less.

Q. Are you a plant mama, or is your green thumb lacking?  A. We LOVE real plants in our personal home for their natural beauty and benefits to the environment. However, when it comes to staging, faux is the only way to go. Fake plants may be more expensive, but they are easier to maintain and move and can last forever.

Q. What’s your favorite paint color?A. Benjamin Moore - Simply White. We use a shade of white in almost all of our designs because it evokes a clean, fresh and timeless feeling.  We add warmth and character with wood and leather accents. Depth with stone and concrete. White is simply the perfect backdrop to the elements of nature we incorporate into our designs.

Q. Any simple tips for upgrading a small bathroom.A. Simply changing out the vanity mirror and lighting can make such an impact on a small space. To really modernize the space, remove the vanity light and install a larger, back-lit mirror that glows and complements. Pic: (Backlit mirror in one of our design jobs)

Q. What are your best landscaping tips?A. Our favorite way to overhaul landscaping is threefold.

1) Lay the framework to include taller border plants and edging, feature plants, and baseline fill (grass, turf, rock)
2) Choose only 3 feature plants and repeat them throughout, tiering according to size and scale.
3) Create lush depth with taller perimeter plants, trees and hedges

 Q. Favorite room in your home? A. Our Great room. It’s like Central Station with our 3 boys running around. We work, play, cook, cuddle and entertain poolside in this room all year long. It’s a blessing to have one large room that allows us to be a part of all the crazy of life happening around us!

Q. Any furniture thrifting tips?  A. We paint everything to transform it into something new and spectacular.  It’s not often in the budget to buy new. So we take what we have and transform it into what we want it to be. From mirrors, lighting and dressers, to concrete patios and pavers. A little paint goes such a long way toward transforming decor and more.

Q. Which HGTV / DIY Network star would you most like to work with and why? A. Definitely the Scott Brothers. They are just as talented, kind and down-to-earth in person as they are on TV.  When it comes to renovation, a positive, problem-solving mentality is key. These two have it covered and are the perfect balance of serious and fun. 

Q. What’s your favorite part about speaking at a home show?A. We enjoy being ourselves and having fun with the audience! Eric loves to practice his stand-up comedy and I enjoy sharing all the tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way.

The Jacksonville Home + Patio Show is coming to the Prime Osborn Convention Center September 26-29, 2019. You can see the Desert Flippers on our Inspiration Stage Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 12pm and 3pm. What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!

Ty Pennington Appearing Live

Sep 22, 2019

“Move that Bus!” -- Atlanta’s own Ty Pennington, known for his starring roles on TLC’s “Trading Spaces” and ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, is coming to the Fall Atlanta Home Show for one day only, Sunday, Sept. 29.  And while Ty won’t be moving a bus to reveal a beautifully refurbished home or putting his carpentry skills to work for neighbors who have traded spaces, he will speak about his journey from Marietta’s Sprayberry High School to national TV fame.  Ty has also authored a new book, “Life to the Extreme: How a Chaotic Kid Became America’s Favorite Carpenter”, which tells his remarkable story.

Ty Pennington

Ty will be on the PMCPros Home Show Stage Sunday, Sept. 29 at 1 p.m.  With his exuberant style, high energy and amazing life journey, it’s sure to be standing room only.  Come welcome Ty back to his hometown!

Top Tips for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint at Home

Sep 22, 2019

As the temperature starts to cool down outdoors, it is also that time of year we start to turn up the heat inside our homes. To offset the increased energy use, taking steps towards a zero-waste lifestyle is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint on the home front. 

We've got you covered with our top three tips from Lindsay Ross of The Apothecary in Inglewood, who will be featuring sustainable solutions at the new Calgary Fall Home Show feature Small Space - Maximum Style, designed by WW Design Studio.


1. Work with what you have

It's likely that you already own a lot of zero-waste supplies such as jars, cloths, cutlery, reusable bags, and water bottles. Instead of throwing out items such as glass jars or bottles, try reusing them instead. Get creative by reusing packaging to organize your space, and to lighten the load on your wallet. 

2. Go one by one

Choose one area to start with, such as your kitchen, bathroom, or office. Do an audit of each area one at a time to figure out what elements of the space are creating the most waste. Going zero-waste all at once can be overwhelming so by starting small, it will allow you to feel confident and master each area one-by-one. As an added bonus it may also mean you're more likely to see the project through and get closer to a zero-waste lifestyle.


3. Find the joy in reducing waste

Living a lower-waste lifestyle is not only good for the environment, but it's good for you! Perhaps you'll find peace in minimalism with less clutter around. Also, if you find reusable items that you love and that bring you joy (perhaps because of their fun designs such as this waxed bowl cover or this reusable beeswax wrap), you may find yourself getting excited to use these items that you'll grow to love.

Those are just a couple of ways which can help your household work towards a zero-waste lifestyle and find joy in reducing the waste. For more inspiration, visit Small Space - Maximum Style designed by WW Design Studio at the Calgary Fall Home Show taking place from September 19 - 22 at the BMO Centre. Showgoers can explore the 800 square foot compact space and learn to maximize the use of any small space while finding some fun new sustainable products for the home.

Four Designer Tips from Jamie Banfield to Help You Transition Into Fall

Sep 20, 2019



Jamie Banfield


Summer has come to an end and as we begin to transition into fall weather, many of us feel the blues as we say goodbye to the beautiful weather and long days. However, cool autumn nights mean cozy hours in front of a warm fire! Follow these four designer tips from local award-winning Vancouver-based designer, Jamie Banfield of Jamie Banfield Design, to achieve the perfect transition from summer to fall for any interior space.

Jamie Banfield Design


Add Earthy Accents:

The change in weather doesn’t mean we need to say goodbye to the textures, colours, and the feeling of nature that we experience during the summer. Something as simple as adding a textural throw in a sandy tone that reminds you of the beach, or adding greenery to your space with some florals or succulents to display on your nightstand will help ease the transition.


Jamie Banfield


Make a Statement with a Focal Wall:

Fall feels like the start of the year in so many ways, so it’s the perfect time for a fresh coat of paint! A fun and simple way to transform your space might be painting a focal wall in the living room or the headboard in your master bedroom for an added punch of colour. The best part of painting just one wall is it’s a simple way to bring personality into a space (and it’s easy to change once you’re in the mood for a new colour).


Jamie Banfield


Take the BBQ to the BAR:

Those wine nights on the patio don’t need to end because of the change in weather, simply create an outdoor bar area inside your home. Invest in a new piece of furniture, or shop your home for something that you can re-purpose. This might be your daughter’s desk (as she's off to college), or a teak folding table you had on your deck. Layer this piece with the essentials such as bottles and mixers, but also bring in some greenery, decor and other fun objects.

Jamie Banfield


Cozy up your Master:

Take the time to make your personal space - such as your master bedroom - something you truly love! With such busy lives, our bedrooms can easily turn into dumping grounds for clothes, a laundry folding area and a multi-purpose space. A fun way to kick those fall blues is to make this space a sanctuary and your favourite room in the house. Add some greenery like plants, or flowers in a vase, add candles, layer lots of textures with tone on tone pillows and throws, or add a punch of colour that connects you to a happy place and make a curated corner with special objects and things you just love!


For more design tips, make sure you come and see Jamie Banfield at the Vancouver Fall Home Show on the HGTV Canada Main Stage on Friday, October 25 at 6 p.m., Saturday, October 26 at 4 p.m., and again Sunday, October 27 at 11 a.m. where he will be revealing his top insights and home design.

Outdoor Living & Outdoor Oasis

Sep 20, 2019

Outdoor Living

Here in Atlanta and north Georgia, we are blessed with a climate that encourages nearly year-round outdoor living.  It’s no wonder the Fall Atlanta Home Show is full of ideas for extending your living space into the landscape as well as bringing the outdoors in.  From porches to decks, from saunas to pergolas, you’ll find lots of exciting ideas, and meet the experts who can turn your outdoor dream into a reality.


Outdoor Oasis

Plan to spend some time in the Outdoor Oasis, presented by Georgia Landscape and He Shed She Shed, Inc. and check out the beautiful hardscapes, fire features, lushly planted borders and the specialty sheds.  Sheds aren’t just for lawn and garden tools anymore! Who wouldn’t love a home office tucked inside a garden?  Or a music room, craft space, teen hangout or yoga studio in the backyard?  The options are endless and the folks from He Shed She Shed, Inc. can offer ideas and solutions.  And for the rest of your yard, let the pros at Georgia Landscape work their magic.  They have the green thumbs and technical know-how to transform your yard into a four-seasons garden, an outdoor dining and entertainment area or even a backyard putting green.


Throughout the Fall Atlanta Home Show you’ll find experts with products and skills for all of your outdoor needs (and desires).  Be sure to check out the barbecue grills, outdoor fireplaces, water features, sun rooms, porches, pools, hot tubs, decks, patios, playscapes and much, much more, all under one roof.



Sponsor Spotlight: MercyOne Comfort Health Center for Women

Sep 19, 2019

We're pleased to once again have the MercyOne Comfort Health Center for Women as a sponsor of the Des Moines Holiday Boutique, happening November 1-3 at the Iowa Events Center. MercyOne Comfort Health Center for Women is a new dimension in women's health card and the first of its kind in Iowa. Women of all ages are now able to access specialty care, complementary medicine, comprehensive risk assessments, and wellness information in one conveniently located and newly renovated space in the MercyOne Clive Medical Plaza. Learn more about this unique health center in our brief interview below.

Womens Center

Q: Please describe your services. 

"The MercyOne Comfort Health Center, home to the only North American Menopause Society certified physicians in Des Moines, combines traditional and complementary services for menopause symptoms, pelvic health and disorders, and osteoporosis prevention."

Q: Is there anything else you think folks should know about your business?

"As we anticipate the return of cooler weather and our favorite fall activities, are you struggling with night sweats or hot flashes? September is Menopause Awareness Month. The physicians at the MercyOne Comfort Health Center for Women want you to know that during and before menopause, 80% of women will experience hot flashes and/or night sweats. These symptoms can be distressing and often interfere with sleep. As a result, women notice changes in mood and mental sharpness that are equally bothersome.

Although the menopause transition is temporary, for some women, these symptoms are severe, prolonged and affect quality of life. Discuss these symptoms with your doctor or consult our North American Menopause Society (NAMS) Certified Menopause Practitioners to determine how to best manage your journey through perimenopause and menopause. Although achieving optimal mental and physical health requires individualized solutions, check out this list of suggestions that have been helpful for many women. To schedule an appointment, please visit or call 515-222-7474."

Women's Center

To learn more about MercyOne Comfort Health Center for Women, please visit them online or connect with them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Ultimate Guide to the Calgary Fall Home Show

Sep 19, 2019
It’s Showtime! The Calgary Fall Home Show opens this afternoon at 4:00pm until Sunday, September 22 at 6:00pm. With so much to see and do, we want to make sure you’re all ready to hit the show floor. Take a look at our ultimate guide to the show, with insider tips perfect for Calgarians looking for practical advice and inspiration for any and every home project this fall.

Before you go:

Before you head down to the BMO Centre at Stampede Park (20 Roundup Way SE, Calgary, AB) make sure to have your ticket ready! Buy your tickets here before you leave the house, and you can save $2. That means you can save for all those fall home projects you’ve been dreaming of!
Also, did you know we have a few very special dates where we are offering complimentary admission? On Thursday, September 19 we are celebrating all students actively studying trades or any trade professionals working in the home building and renovating industries. The following day on Friday, September 20 is Hero Day, where we’re offering a tribute to all the active or retired military and first responders. On the final day of the show Sunday, September 22 is Teacher Appreciation Day where we are honouring all teachers. Are you working in the trades, are you a hero or a teacher? Bring your valid ID down to the show and get FREE admission!
If you are driving to the BMO Centre and plan to shop at the show, parking at Stampede Park is $15.00 per car, or you can park at any auxiliary lot surrounding Stampede Park. You can also take a look at the Calgary Stampede Visitor Parking Map to get an idea of where to park, or take a look at our FAQ page

First things first: 

Once you arrive at the Show, our advice is to take a look at the line-up for the HGTV CanadaMain Stage presented by the Calgary Herald designed by Neelam Interiors. With Canada’s favourite handyman Bryan Baeumler hitting the stage you’ll want to make sure you get your seat early! You can also find all the top local home and design experts sharing their advice to help you revamp your space this season.

Get a crash course in creating the ultimate pad at presentations from KonMari expert Helen Youn, Kathy Yuen, principal of Phase One Design, designer Jamie Banfield of Jamie Banfield Design and Dayle Sheehan of Dayle Sheehan Interior Design. 

_DSC1688 (1)-

Insider tip: Be sure to stick around after each presentation for your chance to take a picture and chat with the presenters at their selfie sessions directly after their presentations.

When: September 19–22, 2019, check out the HGTV Canada Main Stage schedule available here.  

Bryan Baeumler, HGTV Canada Celebrity Contractor  - Presented by Pete the Plumber 
Friday, September 20 at 6:00 p.m. 

Saturday, September 21 at 1:00 p.m.

Helen Youn, Professional Organizer and Certified KonMari Consultant
Friday, September 20 at 5:00 p.m. 
Saturday, September 21 at 6:00 p.m.
Kathy Yuen, President of Phase One Design
Friday, September 20 at 4:00 p.m. 
Saturday, September 21 at 4:00 p.m.
Jamie Banfield, Principal Designer  at Jamie Banfield Design
Friday, September 20 at 3:00 p.m. 
Saturday, September 21 at 12:00p.m.
Dayle Sheehan, Lead Designer & Owner of Dayle Sheehan Interior Design
Saturday, September 21 at 3:00 p.m.
Sunday, September 22 at 12:00 p.m.

Where: The HGTV Canada Main Stage presented by the Calgary Herald designed by Neelam Interiors.

Take in the home inspiration:

After you check out the HGTV Canada Main Stage, we suggest you step into the Small Space – Maximum Style feature, designed by WW Design Studio. After just one look, you’ll be one step closer to living large, no matter the size of your home. Explore this beautifully designed 800 square foot space, which will show you that size doesn’t matter, and small space living doesn’t need to cramp your style. You’ll also find products from The Apothecary in Inglewood that promote the zero-waste lifestyle you’ve been working towards. After you are done browsing through the eco-friendly solutions in this feature, head over to the TELUS space and explore their brand new Superiority Hubs - they’re a family-friendly experience as much as they are a comprehensive display of TELUS' ever-evolving product suite.

Where: Small Space – Maximum Style, Booth #135  + TELUS,  booth #731 


Get in on the local love:

Reignite your love for all things local as you experience hundreds of local brands and businesses. Say hello to the exhibitors as you find great deals, and chat with the experts. You’re sure to walk away with new ideas, inspiration and most likely meet someone who can help with your home renovation needs, who is close to home.

Once you’ve met with some of your favourite exhibitors, take a walk through Avenue Magazine’s Made in Alberta Awards Showcase. In this new show feature, see the finalists in Avenue’s first-ever Made in Alberta Awards furnishings and home décor category. All the items showcased are made in the province, by Albertans. You’ll be able to see up-and-coming artisan makers and some of the top locally made products for your home. 


There’s also room for you to get creative at the show with Outside the Shape. Shop from their beautifully curated boutique space and take in all of the locally crafted home goods, beauty products and more. Who doesn't love local?

Where: Avenue’s Made in Alberta Awards Showcase, booth #131  + Outside the Shape, booth #839 

Eat, drink & kick back:

Come forth and discover the Kim Crawford Experience presented by Kim Crawford Wines. In this gorgeous curated space designed by Canadian designer Amanda Aerin (you might remember her from last years show), experience the flavour, texture, aroma, and essence of each wine, brought to life by design. And of course grab a sample of wine while you explore this truly sensory experience.

By this point you’ll probably be ready for a bite to eat. Stop by our Food Truck Eatery and you’ll be sure to find your favourite Calgary eats on wheels, like Wilk’s Booth, Shogun Teppanyaki, Savino Pizzeria and Happy Fish!

Where: Kim Crawford Experience, located near the Main Stage + Food Truck Eatery, at the South entrance of the BMO Centre

Share your special moments: 

Did you grab a selfie with Bryan Baeumler? Or capture your favourite feature? We want to see it! Share your favourite moments photos from the Show on social media using #CFHS19 and tag @yychomeshows  on Twitter and Instagram. This is also where you’ll want to keep an eye out for everything happening at the show. We’ll see you again  in January for the Calgary Renovation Show!


Sep 19, 2019

Let’s be real — moving is stressful and the task of packing up every item that you own can seem pretty daunting. While we can’t tackle your packing for you, we can give you some tips on how to make the process go as smoothly as possible. We’ve put together a list of six common packing mistakes that people make, and ways that you can avoid making them yourself.


Packing Mistake #1: Waiting Until The Last Minute


While pulling an all-nighter before an exam may have helped you ace Biology 101 in college, pulling an all-nighter to pack the night before your move is never a good idea. It’ll leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and will likely cause you to make some of the other mistakes on this list.


Instead, create a list of everything you need to do before moving day several weeks in advance. Then, schedule your packing out over multiple days (or weeks, depending on the size of your move). That way you’re only packing a little bit at a time, and before you know it you’ll be done! Remember that the earlier you start, the less stressful the process will be.


Packing Mistake #2: Not Getting Rid of Stuff


Packing things that you don’t need or want anymore is a huge waste of time, space, and energy. It also makes unpacking more stressful once you move into your new spot.


While you’re packing, keep two separate boxes around — one for things you want to donate, and another for things you want to throw away (or recycle). Moving is the perfect time to declutter and get rid of everything in your home that no longer serves a purpose, including old, outdated clothes and anything that you’ve never used but “might need someday”.


Packing Mistake #3: Packing Dusty/Dirty Items


You may be tempted to just throw everything into a box as-is, but taking the time to at least wipe everything off beforehand will make unpacking much easier once you’re moved in. Trust us, the last thing you’ll want to do after a move is more cleaning!


Packing Mistake #4: Not Labeling Your Boxes


To help with the unpacking process, it’s crucial that you not only categorize your belongings before packing them, but that you properly label the boxes on ALL sides with which room it belongs in as well as what kind of items are inside. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to search through five boxes just to find your dishes on your first night in your new home.


Packing Mistake #5: Skimping on the Bubble Wrap


It’s important to use plenty of bubble wrap or packing paper when packing breakable items. Wrap each item carefully and place bubble wrap, packing paper, or even a blanket or pillow at both the bottom and the top of the packed box. This will protect your more fragile belongings from being crushed by the weight of other boxes in the moving truck. Also, be sure to write “fragile” on all sides of boxes containing delicate items.


Packing Mistake #6: Forgetting to Pack an Overnight Bag


Unpacking everything could take a while, so you’ll thank yourself later if you pack a suitcase full of everything you’ll need for your first few days in your new home. Just pretend you’re going on a trip and pack clothes, toiletries, chargers, etc. so you don’t have to go rummaging through boxes to find your essentials.


Before your next move, come to the Richmond Home Show on October 11-13, 2019 at the Richmond Raceway Complex to get inspiration for your next space. Order your tickets online today to save $2.

Exhibitor Spotlight: Think-N-Paint

Sep 19, 2019

We're excited to welcome Think-N-Paint to the Southern Christmas Show, happening November 14-24 (with Preview Night on November 13) at The Park Expo and Conference Center. Before you visit this unique business in Booth #121, check out our brief interview below.

Think-N-Paint Logo


Q: Please describe your products and services.

"We are all about fun and exciting Paint Parties. We offer DIY Paint Party Kits To Go. Kits come with everything you need to have your very own paint party at home, give as a gift or have as a family activity. There are over 20 designs available for children and adults. Many of our kits are 3D and come with accessories. Nothing like you have ever seen before. We promise this will be a gift they will talk about for weeks. Stop by and see us."

Q: What are your best tips for the holiday season?

"Tips for the holiday season: don't gift the ordinary, gift the extraordinary."

Q: What are your featured items this season?

"Our 3D accessory and specialty kits are our most popular kits. Kits are low priced but have a high bang as gifts."


Q: What's your best holiday shopping advice?

"Best holiday shopping advice when shopping for others: Look for gifts they will make them say WOOOOOOOOOOW", I have never seen something like this before."

Q: What's your favorite part about being in the Southern Christmas Show?

"Favorite part about being in this holiday show: Seeing all the smiling faces."

Q: What's your favorite Christmas movie?

"Favorite Christmas movie: A Charlie Brown Christmas."

Q: Is there anything else you think folks should know about your business?

"We offer studio and mobile parties here in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Paint Party Kits can be shipped anywhere in the US."

The Southern Christmas Show returns to The Park Expo and Conference Center November 14-24, with Preview Night on November 13. Don't miss your chance to shop hundreds of vendors, including Think-N-Paint! Buy tickets online today and start planning your visit. We can't wait to see you at the show!

Keep Calm and Carry On - Feng Shui Basics

Sep 18, 2019

With the cooler weather approaching, we tend to find ourselves spending more time indoors. Is your home space worthy of your time and does it convey the right energy? For many, Feng Shui may seem overwhelming and knowing where to start challenging. Learn the basics from Feng Shui master and practitioner, Maggie Huang of East Wind.


What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui originates from China and is based on the book of I Ching originating over 5000 years ago. It is the art of placement, and the science of creating harmony and balance between nature, people, and living space. It promotes health, wealth, and happiness by harnessing positive life forces and deflecting the negative.


What are the benefits of Feng Shui in your home?

Feng Shui can raise the awareness of your home’s orientation, connect your home to natural forces and create harmony and balance for the whole family. Feng Shui can also help you buy or build the right house or, to undertake a renovation along your life journey. 


For someone wanting to start the process of Feng Shui, what are 3 simple things that they can do to a room, or home?

  1. Change the colours of the room or home for a positive flow; such as embracing, comforting, uplifting, or joyful.
  2. Rearrange the furniture for a new life force; such as aligning your working desk to face a preferred direction for productivity.
  3. Move artwork to certain walls to achieve good energy flow and attract positive energy.



Is it possible to have a Feng Shui-friendly family home?

Yes! Feng Shui creates balance and harmony for the whole family as the foundation in all shared spaces. It can be personalized for each individual space as well, including bedrooms and office spaces, to allow for the best fit according each family member’s lifestyle and purpose.


What’s your favourite Feng Shui recommendation?

  1. Create a good feeling by updating colours and setting your bed in a preferred location for health and relationships.
  2. Activate the living room with fire and water elements in the right sectors for luck in both career and wealth.

Looking to bring some inspiration into your home this fall? Feng Shui master and practitioner, Maggie Huang of East Wind will be onsite in the Uplifted room running workshops and one-on-one consultations throughout the show. Plus, catch her on the main stage September 29th at 12:30 pm, as she discusses “The Energy Wheel of Your Home for Health and Happiness”.


Mike Rowe Talks with Marketplace Events - Skilled Trades

Sep 18, 2019

All new for this year, the show is celebrating Trade Day on Sunday, September 22 with complimentary admission on to those in a skilled trade or students enrolled in a vocational school, with ID. It’s all part of the show’s recently launched partnership with skilled-trade advocate Mike Rowe, best known as the creator and host of Dirty Jobs. 


Rowe has partnered with Mike and his foundation, the mikeroweWORKS Foundation to help bring attention to a challenge facing the home improvement industry: the widening skills gap and need for more students to pursue a career in skilled trades. 

According to the Associated General Contractors of America, 75% of construction companies nationwide are having trouble finding qualified workers. “It was Mike Rowe’s work with his foundation and the fact that he has become an important voice in sounding the alarm around the skilled trade gap, that drew us to this partnership,” explained Tom Baugh, CEO of Marketplace Events.   

“Through the Foundation we are committed to supporting the local builders, remodelers, installers, repairmen, and all skilled tradespeople who do the jobs that most people are unable or untrained to do,” said Rowe. “There’s really not many places left like these local home shows where homeowners can meet with their local experts, get trusted advice, talk price, look them in the eye, shake their hand and decide for themselves, yes, I’m good with letting this company in my home.”   


As part of the show’s commitment to support local builders and skilled tradespeople, Trade Day is on Sunday, September 22 with complimentary admission on to those in a skilled trade or students enrolled in a vocational school, with ID.

Mike Rowe won’t be at the Raleigh show, but we wanted to get to know our new partner a little better: 
Marketplace Events:  What does “home” mean to you?  
Mike Rowe:  Home is the place we start from. Every other place, no matter how homey, is just an address.  
Marketplace Events:  What project have you been most proud to work on? 
Mike Rowe:  Tough to beat Dirty Jobs. It was not only a hit, it transformed cable television, reinvigorated my career, and began as a tribute to my grandfather. That show checked a lot of boxes. Lately, I’m proud of Returning the Favor on Facebook, and a new book based on my podcast, called The Way I Heard It. I’d be a fool if I didn’t direct you to  According to my mother, it’s a “must read.”  
Marketplace Events:  What’s one thing you wish every homeowner knew?            
Mike Rowe:  I wish people understood how much they could save by making bi-weekly payments instead of monthly. It’s simple, and for most people doable. An easy way to save a small fortune. 
Marketplace Events:  What three items do you always keep in your pockets? 
Mike Rowe:  If you don’t count both hands, I’d go with keys, lifesavers, and poo-bags. (For the dog, not me.) 
Marketplace Events:  Most memorable career moment to date? 
Mike Rowe:  If by “memorable,” you mean, “impossible to forget,” I’m pleased to say the list is long, and tough to choose from. But I suppose I could tell you about the time I agreed to “field test” a chain mail “shark suit” for an episode of Shark Week. It didn’t occur to me that doing so would require me to wear the aforementioned steel suit, while a dozen reef sharks took turns biting me, shaking me, and dragging me to the bottom of the ocean in the midst of a blood-soaked feeding frenzy. But that’s precisely what happened, moments before I ran out of air, sixty feet below the surface. This was by no means my “favorite” moment, but, as the images online illustrate, a memorable one. 
Marketplace Events:  How were you discovered? 
Mike Rowe:  Well, my parents discovered me in a fairly traditional way, back in 1962, when I first entered the world on the 18th of March. After that, a lot of people encouraged me and ultimately convinced me that I could make a living in front of the camera and on stage. I guess the first break I got in the business, was an offer to sing in the Baltimore Opera. This opened a series of doors I didn’t know existed, and before long, I was auditioning for hundreds of different jobs, which eventually got me a steady gig on the QVC Cable Shopping Channel, selling God-knows what in the middle of the night on live television. If you’re really interested, I made an animated video that answers this question in detail, which you’re welcome to watch over here.   
(See Pledge #2. Heads up. It involves animated nudity.) 
Marketplace Events:  What’s mikeroweWORKS Foundation all about?  
Mike Rowe:  mikeroweWORKS began as PR initiative to help close America’s skills gap. I launched it ten years ago on Labor Day. Fans of Dirty Jobs helped me build an online Trade Resource Center, which generated a ton of great press, and got me in front of Congress on multiple occasions. Today, we’ve morphed into a scholarship fund that assists people looking to learn a skill or master a trade. Every year, we award a few hundred “Work Ethic Scholarships.” So far, about $5 million dollars worth. Additionally, I’ve become an annoyance to universities that charge obscene amounts for degrees that have left a generation with over $1.5 trillion of student debt, which I personally feel to be a scandal of monumental proportions. If you’re really interested, I made an animated video that answers this question in detail, which you’re welcome to watch over here. 
 (See Pledge #5. Heads up. It involves animated outrage.) 
Marketplace Events:  Describe our Home Show(s) in one word.  
Mike Rowe:  I can’t find a word that combines elements of “pandemonium” as well as “delightful.” So let’s go with “pandelightful.” 
Marketplace Events:  You’ve been interviewed many times. What is the one question you always wish someone would ask?  

Mike Rowe:  Honestly, I don’t think I have one. If there’s something I really want to say, I’ll find a way to jam it into another answer. I can tell you however, that I’m awash in gratitude whenever an interview concludes, without being asked to describe my dirtiest job. Which is why this exchange has been much better than average. 


Posted: September 18, 2019


Make It, Take It Workshops Are Back!

Sep 18, 2019
It’s no secret Capital Home Show attendees love the hands-on workshops that Kelly Millspaugh Thompson’s Stylish Patina presents. She’s back again with sessions all three days of the 2019 Capital Home Show. That’s right, the Dulles Expo Center is your source for DIY ideas and advice. Guests can join Kelly to make crafty creations using a variety of paints and finishes – all for free!

The 2019 Make It, Take It Workshops are similar to the ones that Kelly has at her Falls Church store. Her passion is the refurbishing and refinishing of vintage furniture and she shows her customers how to transform old into new and stylish with paints. At her wonderful retail home and gift shop location she specializes in vintage furniture, home decor and unique gifts.

Of the Make It, Take It feature at the Capital Home Show Kelly says, “While chalk paint has been a product on the market for a while, we love the Make It, Take It station at the Capital Home Show because it gives attendees a chance to experiment on a small project. We have seen many attendees inspired by the ease of the paint and excited to experiment with furniture and cabinets in their own homes.”

Don’t miss your chance to get your DIY on at the Capital Home Show. Get your tickets today and start planning your visit. We can’t wait to see you at the Dulles Expo Center September 20-22!

Top 5 Things To Do at the 2019 Fall Fairgrounds Southern Ideal Home Show

Sep 18, 2019

With so much to do and see at the Fairgrounds Ideal Home Show, we’ve put together a list of some of the “must see, not-to-be-missed” features to check out at the show - aside from our celebrity guests Sara Bendrick (DIY’s Lawn and Order) and Trace Barnett (The Food Network): 


1. Shop Smart, Save More. WRAL’s money-saving expert and author of The Smart Spending Guide Faye Prosser leads a workshop that will show you how easy it is to save on groceries and other everyday expenses. You’ll learn tips and tricks that will change the way you shop and teach you to live more comfortably within your means. Don’t miss “How to Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half” on the Fresh Ideas Stage.

2. Celebrating Local Heroes. The Fairgrounds Southern Ideal Home Show celebrates Local Hero Day on Friday, September 20 with complimentary admission for all EMTs, firefighters, police, medical personnel, and active duty and retired military personnel. SImply show your valid ID at the box office for a free ticket. On Sunday, September 22, the show honors another group of heroes—teachers. To thank educators for their hard work and dedication, the Show offers complimentary admission on Teachers Day. Bring your valid school ID and present it at the box office for free admission.  

 Low Angle Photography of American Flag


3. Make It, Take It Workshops. If you’ve ever watched a DIY show and tried to re-create a project at home but only wound up with a #fail, we’ve got just the thing. Our Make It, Take It workshop experts will lead you step by step through a DIY project from start to finish. The workshops take place daily in a custom craft room built right on the show floor by Affordable Closets. There is no additional cost to participate in the workshops. Space is limited, however, and workshops are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Classes and experts are posted online in the Make It, Take It Workshop section.

4. Outdoor Inspiration. A home is much more than simply the building one lives in. More and more people are incorporating the outdoors into their living spaces from landscaping to outdoor kitchens to water features. The Fairgrounds Southern Ideal Home Show is the place to see an expansive outdoor living space built right inside the Fairgrounds by landscape and outdoor living designers, Standard Construction & Landscaping, Covis-Raleigh, Majestic Outdoors, and more. 

5. Home On The Road. Visit the all-new Home on the Road feature to tour the latest and greatest homes on wheels. Whether you are looking to travel full time or simply want your next vacation to be less stressful, you’ll leave inspired and ready to hit the road. Sponsored by Bill Plemmon's RV World. 

RV interior Bill Plemmons

Date Posted: September 17, 2019


For all the features at the show, please visit


Fall Table Decor Inspiration

Sep 17, 2019
Fall is in full swing and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. To help you prepare for your festive celebrations this year, we wanted to share some tablescape ideas to inspire your turkey dinner decor. Check 'em out below! 

Add a Floral Touch
Flowers aren't just for the centrepieces. Spread the beauty by placing a few flowers on each place setting. If you want to go for a more autumnal look, try adding a red or orange leaf.


Go for Gold
Who doesn't love a little glitz and glam! Metalics can add a bit of sparkle to your table, and pairing gold with white keeps the look simple, but elegant. 



Color Coordinate
There is a universal rule of table setting: match your decorations to your china. However, if you have neutral china, using linens with a brighter, more fun color can really make the table pop! We love the red accents here. 


The Pumpkin Approach 
When all else fails, adding miniature pumpkins to each plate is a great way to give the whole table a festive touch. We particularly like the look of Baby Boo pumpkins (miniature white pumpkins pictured below). You could even top the pumpkins with placards so everyone know where to sit! 

2 copy
We hope these ideas help inspire your Thanksgiving dinner. Be sure to share photos  with us on Twitter and Instagram and @homeandgardenevents on Facebook. Happy holidays!

Exhibitor Spotlight: This And That Creations

Sep 16, 2019

We're excited to welcome This And That Creations to the 2019 Christmas Gift + Hobby Show,, happening November 6-10 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Before you visit this unique vendor in Booth #108, check out our fun interview below. 

This And That Creations

Q: Please describe your products.

"I make handmade home and patio decor sure to put a smile on anyone's face."

Q: What are your best tips for the holiday season?

"Make a list and check it twice! Cherish memories, not things!"

Q: What are your featured items this season?

"Wooden plant stands for porch or patio with personalization available upon request."

Q: What's your best holiday shopping advice?

"It is better to give than to receive!"

Q: What's your favorite part about in the Christmas Gift + Hobby Show?

"My favorite part about being a part of the show are the smiles it puts on someones face knowing they found the perfect gift and I made it."

Q: What's your favorite Christmas movie?

"A Christmas Carol"

Q: Is there anything else you think folks should know about your business?

"I am just a small one woman show, so everything I create comes from the heart. I absolutely love what I do and it brings me much joy! I also offer personalized options by request to add that special touch to any gift."

Taking over the Indiana State Fairgrounds from November 6-10, a trip to the Christmas Gift + Hobby Show is the perfect way to start your holiday season. Shop hundreds of vendors, including This And That Creations, to find thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list.