Show Survival Guide

Jan 21, 2020

The Minneapolis Home + Remodeling Show is back at U.S. Bank Stadium for its fourth year January 24-26, 2020. With celebrity guests, interactive features and the best tips and tricks – the show is guaranteed to be a great time. Whether you’re in the process of remodeling or just looking for inspiration, we’ve got you covered with hundreds of renovation experts who are ready to help. Get inspired, get started!

To help make sure you don’t miss a minute of fun at the Minneapolis Home + Remodeling Show, check out our list of must-see features and start planning your visit. We can’t wait to see you at the show!

Stadium Welcome Sign

Main Stage: Sponsored by Slumberland Furniture, the stage is the place to hear informative presentations on remodeling, interior design and home improvement. Come for the budget saving tips and ideas from local speakers and national celebrities.

Sustain-able Alley: Learn about the latest in sustainable living and talk with experts about electric cars, renewable energy, recycled cabinets, organic fertilizers and a whole lot more.

Extreme Garages: Sponsored by Valley Craft, this feature will give you all the inspiration you need to create the best garage on your block!

Try a Trade sponsored by NARI of Minnesota: The Trades are where it’s at! Learn more about the industry and talk with experts about plumbing, roofing, tiling and landscaping. And don’t miss our Big Ideas area, where you can weld via virtual headgear!

City Studios: Learn clever and new ways to use space incorporating vertical wall planters, bold plant combinations, lavish textural accents, and cozy seating.

Food Truck Eatery: All that home remodeling talk can bring on some serious hunger, so treat yourself with Baldy’s BBQ and Russell’s Traveling Kitchen.

These are just a few of the fun and fantastic features at our Minneapolis Home + Remodeling Show! Get started planning your trip by purchasing tickets now. If you buy your tickets online, you’ll receive a special discount, thanks to Core Exteriors your GAF Master Elite Roofer. See you there!

Exhibitor Spotlight: The CBD Store Birmingham

Jan 17, 2020

We chatted with Bj Autry of  The CBD store of Birmingham to see what they are bringing to the visitors at the Birmingham Home Show.


Your CBD Store Birmingham LOGO


Describe your products:

We develop and provide cutting- edge CBD products that utilize natural plant synergies; while fostering informed consumers who seek and demand transparency with the hope of regaining quality of life.



What are your featured items this season?

15% off of everything during the show, we will also have FREE SAMPLES of some of our most popular products!



What is your favorite part about the home show?

Having the opportunity to deliver the best possible products to our community and being able to answer questions for anyone wanting to know more about CBD.



Any additional company info you'd like to include? 

SunMed products have been sourced and developed with the highest quality industrial hemp-derived extract available on the market today. From extraction to finished goods, we combine third-party test facilities with our in-house Ph.D. scientists to track every step.


Your CBD Store Birmingham Hero image


Visit BJ in The CBD Store of Birmingham booth #431 at this year’s Birmingham Home Show, February 14-16 at the BJCC.


Renovation Showdown: Where to Splurge, Where to Save

Jan 17, 2020

Home renovations are full of decisions. From design, to colours, to layout, to who to hire for your renovation! One of the top decisions to make before any walls go down is budget. Where to save, where to splurge? The great reno showdown.

When deciding where to splurge or where to save, start with your priorities. Know what you want out of your space, what areas or must-haves are the most important. Once you’ve set these priorities, then decide where you want to spend.

Splurge: Hard to Replace Items

There are several areas that are worth the splurge and should be thought of as an investment verses a spend. Things like an upgraded roof, windows, overall structural plans and exterior finishes. These are essential home elements, which you don’t want to have to replace in 10 years.


Save: Customizations

Help keep the budget in line by minimizing your customizations. Stick with standard sizes for things like doors, trim and bathtubs. Plus, over-customizing for a resale renovation can make it hard to recoup your costs depending on the neighbourhood.


Splurge: Energy Efficiency

Whether your renovation is for a forever home or resale, energy efficiency is something you want to consider investing in. Spend the money on quality, energy efficient heating/cooling systems and appliances. In the long run, your energy saving will pay for itself.


Save: Fixtures and Hardware

You don’t need to go totally on the cheap but, selecting top end fixtures and hardware can add up. There are great options for affordable costs to stay within your renovation budget. These items are something which can easily be replaced or upgraded down the road.


Splurge: Your Team

You get what you pay for. Choose the right experts and contractors for your renovation. Having a great team on your project can help you stay on budget by getting the job done right the first time.


Save: Old with New

Think of refurbishing items verses replacing. Items like wood floors can take on a new life with sanding and a new stain, kitchen cabinets can be updated with new cupboard doors and hardware.


Splurge: On Your Priority

Are you a gourmet chef who needs the ultimate kitchen? Are you a large family who could use a functioning mudroom to calm the chaos? Whatever that BIG priority is in on your list, it can be a reason to splurge.


Save: DIY Projects

If you are working with a contractor but feel you’re pretty handy yourself there may be some projects, you can take over to help curb costs. Some contractors are open to sharing the work with homeowners and can often prep a room for tiling or assist in the start of the room for you to finish.

2020 New Year’s Resolution: Resolve to Save Money This Year

Jan 17, 2020


It’s the start of a year AND a new decade, so if you’re one of the many consumers resolving to save more money in 2020 we’ve got tips from one of the fabulous frugalistas out there. Faye Prosser - best known as WRAL’s Smart Shopper - appears daily at the Raleigh Home Show January 24-26 at downtown’s Raleigh Convention Center.

Her workshops will guide guests through some of the most accessible and easy-to-implement habits to slash your bills and leave more money in the back. Here’s a sneak peek:

Learn the art of couponing. Smart shoppers know that using coupons wisely is the greatest money-saving technique to save on buying groceries. They know how, when and where to use those little pieces of "paper gold" and they know just where to find the best coupons for the products they prefer to buy. Their top tried-and-true savvy saving tip: their coupons are well-organized and accessible, so they don’t ever miss an unadvertised sale. Smart shoppers pay for a good portion of their groceries using coupons and save more than 50% off their weekly budgets each and every week.


Compare apples to apples. How do you know whether something is really a bargain just because it is on sale? By developing a Price Book, you are able to compare the price per unit of one size package to another. This allows you to compare the 200-ounce box of warehouse club bran cereal to the 20-ounce bag of the same type of cereal from the grocery store. Smart spenders know the surprising news that often the smaller container is less expensive per unit than the bulk container when used in conjunction with coupons and sales.


Gain leverage from sales flyers. By reviewing the sales flyers that stores issue every week, you can plan your weekly menu, decide where to shop, determine what to include on your grocery list, and choose the best money-saving coupons to use at the store. Smart spenders realize that the key to the greatest savings is purchasing the best sale items listed in the weekly flyers and then using coupons for those items.


Be a proud card-carrying member. Sign up for the frequent shopper rewards cards at the stores you shop. Without them, you won’t be offered the sale prices or special incentives and you may lose out on thousands of dollars in savings a year. Many stores will even mail great money-saving coupons to members throughout the year. Smart shoppers take advantage of the sale prices by using their rewards cards every time they shop.


Refuse to be overcharged. Many grocery stores carry 30,000 or more items. It is not hard to imagine that there may be a price mistake or two at the register. Before you leave the store, thoroughly review your receipt to make sure you weren’t overcharged. If you discover an overcharge, head straight to customer service and explain the error. Many stores have a price scan guarantee, which means that you will receive the entire cost you paid for the item and get to keep the product. Yes, this means you will take home the product for free! Smart spenders never leave the store without reviewing the receipt and requesting the price scan guarantee, when applicable.


Enjoy delayed gratification. Pay attention to rebates and cash back sites. You buy an item that offers a rebate or cash back refund, fill out the form exactly as required or scan the receipts and after a short delay, you get your money back. If you are thinking that it doesn’t sound so difficult, you are right! Surprisingly, many people don’t take advantage of the amazing rebates available for everything from beef to toothpaste to pasta. Smart spenders recognize that the savings opportunities are huge with the cash back sites.


Stick to your strategy and avoid the tactics. Do you smell the fresh cookies baking in the deli? Did you taste those free samples of cereal when you walked into the store? Welcome to the world of store tactics. Their job is to make money marketing the products they sell. Your job is to steer clear of the tactics and stick to your grocery list. Don’t be enticed by the sale signs when you know something isn’t a good deal. Don’t go to the store hungry and don’t impulse-shop (unless it’s a good unadvertised buy, of course!). Smart spenders come prepared to shop for the items that will save them the most money and they avoid the clever methods designed to persuade you to part with more of your paycheck than you should.


For more information and the schedule of Faye’s appearances at the show, please visit


You can find Faye and WRAL’s Smart Shopper on Facebook

Exhibitor Spotlight: Better Builders and Wright Outdoor Solutions

Jan 17, 2020

People are increasingly trying to find opportunities to spend more time outside and make their outdoor area an extension of their home. Lucky for you, we had the chance to chat with Demir Miljkovic of Better Builders, and Kim Rieber of Wright Outdoor Solutions (exhibitors at the 2020 Des Moines Home + Garden Show) about some of the trends they are seeing with outdoor living spaces. 


Better Builders Outdoor ImageWright Outdoor Solutions Outdoor







What will be the main features at your booth this year?

We are incorporating a “she shed” in our design that will have attached rounded edge TimberTech deck. Our partners at Wright Outdoor Solutions are adding lots of floral colors and some beautiful modern pavers with a new twist on planter displays. We will also be trying to incorporate a water feature.

What are some of the trends you’re starting to see when it comes to outdoor living spaces?
Many of our clients are looking to extend their usable outdoor entertainment time by adding features like radiant outdoor heaters, audio and fireplaces. Some other trends that are emerging and will continue to draw interest in the next year are board bending techniques to create rounded edges, different width deck boards, basketball courts, and a lot of beautiful new product colors and designs. We've continued to build a lot of covered decks on houses that were built without them and have also found that glass railing is here to stay with additional manufacturers coming out with unique options. 
As Wright Outdoor Solutions and Better Builders have partnered together throughout the year, we have seen an increase in pool pavilions and pergolas. While the radiant heaters are great for the winter, the shelter from the sun in the summer months has also been a popular option. Additionally, adding full kitchens outside has continued to be a popular item for us by allowing our clients to stay in their entertainment area without having to go inside for cooking or refreshments. 
How can people extend their outdoor living time?
In one of our blog posts, we talked about how to enjoy your outdoor space in spite of the unpredictable four seasons that Iowa offers. We mentioned a few features above—covered deck, radiant outdoor heaters and outdoor kitchens.
Additionally, adding a firepit or fireplace along with tall evergreen plants for privacy and wind screen, can help make enjoying the outdoors more comfortable. While swimming pools are perfect for the warmer summer months, hot tubs can be used all year-round. 

Check them out!

For more information or to get some inspiration for your home, be sure to come to the 2020 Des Moines Home & Garden Show at the Iowa Events Center! It runs February 6—9, 2020, and you can get your tickets online or at the door! 
You can also learn more about Better Builders or Wright Outdoor Solutions by checking out their websites or following them on social media.
Better Builders
Wright Outdoor Solutions

A Beginner’s Guide to Upcycling

Jan 17, 2020

If you’re a fan of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, you’re probably familiar with the term “upcycling.” It refers to the process of reutilizing and repurposing items you already own to create something artistic and useful. While Pinterest is full of upcycling inspiration, these tips will help you get started on manageable projects that are fun for the entire family!




1. Start small – Transforming those pallets of wood in your basement into reclaimed wooden furniture sounds like a fun (and impressive) beginning to your upcycling adventures, but often it can require considerable skill and technical know-how. Begin with something your kids can do, so you have the opportunity to hone your skills before embarking on a more formidable task.

2. Keep a tight budget – The whole purpose of upcycling is to recycle stuff you already own. Resist the urge to spend a lot of money on additional materials. For most projects you probably already have the items you’ll need. If you don’t t have everything, track your purchases and keep them to a minimum.

3. Make it a party – Easy upcycling undertakings are a great opportunity to bond with family, friends and neighbors. Identify an item a lot of people have but aren’t using and invite people over for a craft night.

At the end of the day, upcycling is all about finding beauty in the reuse of your possessions. Find more DIY tips and project ideas at the KC Remodel + Garden Show, January 31 – February 2 at the American Royal Center. Visit the DIY Station to tackle a craft with Leanne Lee, the Diva of DIY. Don’t miss out on the fun, get your tickets today.

Mike Rowe & the Downtown Raleigh Home Show’s Commitment to Skilled Trades

Jan 16, 2020

Some guests may have noticed a familiar face in the ads for the Raleigh Home Show - Mike Rowe, best known as the creator and host of Dirty Jobs. This ad campaign is all part of the show’s partnership with skilled-trade advocate Mike Rowe and the mikeroweWORKS Foundation.

The show has partnered with Mike and his foundation, the mikeroweWORKS Foundation to help bring attention to a challenge facing the home improvement industry: the widening skills gap and need for more students to pursue a career in skilled trades.

Mike wrote a popular article for Parade magazine on the topic he’s so passionate about, and below are some of the highlights:

Here’s the truth: The majority of jobs currently available today do NOT require a four-year degree — they require training. And many of these same jobs offer a salary that can grow much faster than vocations that require the assumption of a massive student loan. And yet, millions of students are systematically discouraged from pursuing these opportunities. Parents and guidance counselors still cling to the notion that anything short of a four-year degree will lead to some sort of vocational consolation prize.

This is the great, underlying fiction that’s allowed the skills gap to widen. It’s the reason vocational arts have vanished from high school, even as those same vocations now go begging. It’s the reason we now hold more than 1.3 trillion dollars in student loans. And it’s why we continue to lend money we don’t have to kids who can’t pay it back, educating them for jobs that no longer exist.

We have to stop elevating one form of education over all the others, and begin treating all jobs for what they truly are—opportunities.

There are several ways the show is helping put the spotlight on the Triangle’s skilled trades gap. First, Sunday, January 26, 2020 is Trade Day. Complimentary admission on Trade Day to those employed in a skilled trade, members of a trade organization, or students enrolled in a vocational school, with ID at the box office. Additionally, show vendors who are currently hiring will be display clearly marked signage detailing the jobs available.

Want to learn more about the mikeroweWORKS foundation and partnership with the show? Visit

The Skilled Trades, Mike Rowe and Career Opportunities in the Home Improvement Industry

Jan 16, 2020
Some guests may have noticed a familiar face in the ads for the North Atlanta Home Show - Mike Rowe, best known as the creator and host of Dirty Jobs. This ad campaign is all part of the show’s partnership with skilled-trade advocate Mike Rowe and the mikeroweWORKS Foundation.

The show has partnered with Mike and his foundation to help bring attention to a challenge facing the home improvement industry. Rowe is a passionate advocate for skilled trades careers such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, remodeling, etc. Through his partnership with Marketplace Events, the largest presenter of home shows in North America, and his own nonprofit, mikeroweWORKS Foundation, Rowe is sounding the alarm about the current shortage of skilled workers and advocating for skilled trade education and careers. 

Mike Rowe
The mikeroweWORKS Foundation was created to debunk myths and misconceptions about the skilled trades and help close the skills gap. The organization awards financial assistance to people being trained for skilled jobs through its’ Work Ethic Scholarship Program. Since its inception, the program has granted or helped facilitate grants of more than $5 million in assistance for vocational education.  
Could a Career in Skilled Labor or the Trades be Right for You?
Working in the home improvement industry offers numerous rewarding opportunities – both in job satisfaction and earning potential.  Are you good with your hands?  Are you a problem-solver?  Do you like working independently and finding solutions to problems?  Do you dream of owning your own business?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then a career in home improvement, home remodeling or construction might be a good fit and your visit to the North Atlanta Home Show could be the start of a new career.

Take a few moments as you enter the show to stop by the NARI Atlanta Booth.  The local professionals who are members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry would love to speak one-on-one with you about working in the home building and remodeling industries. They will have information at their booth about local educational opportunities, job apprenticeships and ideas about where your specific interests and talents could be used.

Blue and black Nari logo
The North Atlanta Home Show brings together nearly 200 trusted, local home improvement professionals under one roof.  They are they to talk to YOU, so ask questions and explore the opportunities in their fields. Ask them what do they find most rewarding or challenging about their jobs? What advice can they offer someone who is considering a career in the home improvement industry?  The North Atlanta Home Show offers numerous professional networking and fact-finding opportunities along with home improvement products and services all under one roof!
We can’t wait to see you at the North Atlanta Home Show!

“Test Drive the Trades” with ABC of Iowa

Jan 14, 2020
The Des Moines Home + Garden Show returns to the Iowa Events Center February 6-9, 2020 and this year’s show promises guests a lot of new feature, including Test Drive The Trades. What can you expect from this unique display? Here’s how the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Iowa, the talented group behind this initiative, explains it:
Talk of skilled workers, labor shortages and apprenticeships seem to be on the minds of political candidates and newscasters – but what does it all mean for Iowans? Our state is facing a workforce crisis as today’s employers struggle to find qualified candidates to fill thousands of positions. Nowhere is this need more acute than in construction and trades.
This is because for many years, a negative stigma has hovered over the trades. Parents believe the only way for their child to grow up and have a successful career is through a 4-year college degree.

However, many are awakening to the fact that “maybe not everyone is cut out for college,” should not be throw-off line and should instead be a rallying cry. Having a career in the trades shouldn’t be a backup plan – it should be THE plan.


ABC Trade School


The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) have been asking parents and students alike to “Test Drive the Trades” and take a look at what a future career in the construction trades could actually mean. Students who pursue an education in the trades take on little to no debt and also earn money while they receive hands-on training. In 2018 alone, $1.6 billion was invested by ABC members nationwide in the area of workforce development. ABC of Iowa trained more than 1,400 apprentices last year, the largest construction apprenticeship-training program in Iowa.

The demand for skilled craft professionals is not going down anytime soon. ABC estimates 440,000 construction workers need to be hired this year to meet current construction backlog, which stands at 8.5 months. Last spring in Iowa, we tied Nebraska for the second lowest construction unemployment rate in the country at 2%.
Talk about starting off your career on the right foot.
Construction isn’t just a job. It is a good-paying career with limitless potential for growth through new skills, challenges, credentials, licenses, entrepreneurship and small business ownership. 
ABC of Iowa has training centers in Davenport, Hiawatha and Grimes, where we train in the areas of Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, and Sheet Metal. 
ABC apprentices spend their days working, gaining hands on and real-world experience on the job site from their employer and then meet at our training center for class one night a week. These classes are taught by knowledgeable professionals who have a great deal of experience in their trades and enjoy teaching the next generation of skilled workers. Our classes offer lab opportunities which are an effective way to take what an apprentice learns from a book and give it real context and practice. 
Not only are students taught their trade but our curriculum puts a great deal of emphasis on jobsite safety. 
The construction industry is safer than ever thanks to improved technology, regulations and focus. A career as a craft professional is dignified and requires high skills. The industry is open and welcoming to everyone.
We hope to see you at our exhibit at the 2020 Des Moines Home + Garden Show. We will be bringing the ABC of Iowa Career Exploration Trailer, which uses virtual reality to showcase real world experiences in the trades. Take a spin through a virtual job site, check out live demonstrations, meet our education staff and employer members who will show you what a rewarding career in construction looks like. 


Jan 14, 2020

When it comes to plants, we turn to the experts to get the lowdown on all things green. Enter Emma Terrell, founder of The Urban Botanist! She’s the ultimate plant guru who knows a thing or two on how to get keep your house plants alive, thriving and healthy in your home.

What are the three most important things you should do to keep your house plants alive?
1) KNOW YOUR PLANTS! Understanding what species your plant is and what its light and watering requirements are is absolutely essential. Stop guessing and start googling, figure out what your plant actually is before you start trying to care for it. If you know your plant already, make sure that you’re following the care instructions correctly. Always be careful to not over water your plants, that is probably the number one killer of all house plants, overwatering!
2) Already have a good watering routine down? Fantastic! Another key point to keeping your plants happy is to check in on them everyday if you can, remove any dead plant debris, prune as necessary and ALWAYS check for pesky pests that can be hiding in the ridges of your leaves. Checking for pests is an essential preventative measure you can take to avoid outbreaks that can devastate your indoor plant family.
3) Talk to your plants 😊 Yes – I know it sounds crazy! But believe me, your plants can hear you. They feed off of your energy, and always give you energy back. Singing, touching, talking to your plants is a great way to relax and revitalize, to get back in touch with nature and to slow down your day even for a short while. Your plants will appreciate it more than you know.
Pets and plants. Some pets can kill house plants by chewing them or digging around in their pots and some plants can be poisonous to pets, how do you find a balance to keeping both alive in your home?
Some plants can be extremely poisonous to your fur babies, so if you have curious pets that like to chew on your plants make sure that you aren’t bringing home any potential toxic plants! Try using wall mounted planters like WallyGro or hanging baskets to keep your plants out of reach.
What are some of the big misconceptions about plant upkeep? Are they a lot of work?

I think that the reason why some people have trouble with their plants is a simple lack of understanding for them, or incorrect information being provided upon purchase. Plants that are being placed in the wrong growing conditions will always give you trouble, for example inadequate sunlight, high humidity or if you are over/underwatering your plants. I do not believe in black thumbs! Plants are easy to care for and will reward you graciously when their growing conditions are adhered to.

For a house plant rookie, what are some hearty plant options for starting out?
Some great starter plants for first timers would be some of the low maintenance plants, like Snake Plants or Peace Lillies, Dieffenbachia or ZZ Plants! These are all relatively easy to find and hard to kill! 
You hear of many home openers arranging plant sitters to keep their green loves alive when away. How long can you really leave a house plant alone?
Plant sitters are a great idea, I love that people are taking the extra steps to care for their green babies. There is nothing worse than coming home from a vacation to a house full of dead plants. Apart from hiring plant sitters, I would suggest giving your plant babies a good watering before taking off, a week should be fine in the winter as plants need less water during their dormant winter months. Some house plants can be left alone for weeks at a time, so if you are the type of person who is always on the road, you might want to look into keeping low maintenance plants like succulents, cacti, snake plants or zz’s which need little watering and attention!


There’s a growing trend to bring the greenery inside your home or office outside of the traditional potted house plants. What are some non-traditional options for homeowners?

Terrariums! A non-traditional but exceptional way to bring the outdoors inside. A terrarium is a snapshot of an ecosystem captured inside of a vessel. A living, growing, breathing mini environment that you can have on your coffee table. These are such a neat and beautiful way to interact and engage with nature in an urban setting, and we even offer workshops on how to make your own. Another non-traditional method that is becoming more on trend is green walls. We offer moss walls and live walls for commercial and residential spaces – if you really want to greenify your home – these options will not disappoint! 

See Emma, The Urban Botanist at the Ottawa Home and Remodelling Show. The Urban Botanist will be offering FREE air plant terrarium workshops throughout the show. She will also be hitting the HGTV Canada Main Stage on Thursday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 5:30pm.

Welcome to the Calgary Renovation Show: An Insider Look

Jan 13, 2020

As you ramp up and get excited to visit the Show and explore hundreds of exhibitors, we are here to give you everything you need to know to make the most of your experience! The Calgary Renovation Show at the BMO Centre, Stampede Park is happening from Friday, January 17 at 12:00pm to Sunday, January 19 at 6:00pm - be there, or you’ll be missing out!

Getting There

Find your way to the BMO Centre at Stampede Park (20 Roundup Way SE, Calgary, AB). If you’re bringing your car to pile in all the goodies you’ll find at the Show, you can park at Stampede Park for $15 per car (payable by cash, credit, or debit), or find a spot to park at any auxiliary lot surrounding Stampede Park. Check out the Calgary Stampede Visitor Parking Map for more details. For more info on directions and the best spots to park, check out

Check out the Main Stage, designed by Jamie Banfield Design

You won’t want to miss this year’s amazing presenters! Find the full Main Stage schedule right here, and plan out how you’ll fit in all of your favourites. Are you looking to spruce up your kitchen this season? Jamie Banfield has you covered with two different presentations all about how to achieve the designer kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, and kitchen hacks you’ve never heard before! Plus, enjoy informed presentations for each of our theme days from Two Queens Home, Woolrich Group Designed Renovations, and Green Calgary.

Everything from the presentation schedule to the exhibitor map can be found on the Calgary Renovation Show website. Don’t miss out on Main Stage guests and be sure to check out our many exciting show features.

3 Unique Theme Days

We can’t wait for you to see what’s in store for this year’s three different theme days.

  • On the opening day of the Calgary Renovation Show, find top tips and inspiration for "do-it-yourself" projects that will take your home to the next level.
  • On Saturday, January 18, find tips and tricks for everything Reno + Decor.
  • On our final day of the Calgary Renovation Show, find out how you can be more energy-savvy at home at Sustainability + Energy Conservation day.

Plus, check out top features Upcycle DIY, Inspiration: Reno + Décor, and Sustainable Solutions for design tips and inspiration from Two Queens Home, ANA Interiors, and Green Calgary!

In addition, this year we are honouring many amazing Calgarians by offering free admission to heroes, teachers, and trade workers. On Friday, January 17, all active or retired military and first responders are welcomed to the Show with valid ID presented at the box office. On Saturday, January 18, we invite all teachers to enjoy free admission to the Show by providing ID. On Sunday, January 19, all students actively studying trades or any trade professionals working in the home building and renovating industries will be celebrated with free admission by providing valid student ID, business card or employee ID at the box office.




Your Time at the Show

Be prepared to take your time enjoying the Show! You won’t want to miss out on all of the amazing vendors and presentations - we promise. Take a minute to sit back at some point in your visit and head to The Lounge, designed by Hella Design Studio. There you will find tasty snacks and enjoy a glass of wine in the beautifully designed space, perfect for recharging between your favourite booths. Once you’re ready to hit the Show floor, stop by for a 15-minute DIY Demo presented by SAIT. You’ll learn from some of Alberta’s best in the business and walk away with easy how-to fixes for your next renovation project.

Have you signed up for one of two hands-on workshops? Make your own ‘home’ sign with desire2inspire Designs on Friday evening, or make your own witty welcome mat with Make It Night on Saturday. All the details to get involved can be found here! Almost all vendors will be accepting all forms of payment - cash, card, apple watch! Or come armed with cash if you prefer. Get ready to shop and learn about the hottest trends to incorporate in your home this season!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Don’t have your tickets yet? Save $2 by purchasing your tickets online prior to the show. We want to know about your experience at the Show and what you think of all the amazing exhibitors, features, and presentations - share your best photos and videos of all your adventures throughout the Show! Be sure to tag us on Twitter and Instagram at @yychomeshows and don’t forget to use the hashtag #CRS20!

Exhibitor Spotlight: The Blind Broker, LLC

Jan 13, 2020

We're excited to welcome The Blind Broker, LLC to the 2020 Johnson County Home + Garden Show. The home and garden event of the season returns to the Overland Park Convention Center February 21-23, and guests should be sure to visit The Blind Broker, LLC in Booth #1303. But first, enjoy our brief interview with Blind Broker representative Joey Ford.

The Blind Broker, LLC

Please describe your products and services.

"The Blind Broker provides free in-home window fashions design consultations and professional installation of a complete line of custom window fashions, including faux and real wood blinds, composite and real wood shutters, shades including motorized options and drapery."

What are your best home or garden tips for the season?

"Consider not only the look of window fashions from inside your home but also from the street. We can add amazing curb appeal as well as a warm and welcoming feel."

What are your featured items this season?

"The Blind Broker is offering the cordless upgrade at no charge on all of our shades - cellular, roller/solar, natural and Roman shades."

The Blind Broker, LLC

What's your favorite part about the Johnson County Home + Garden Show?

"We always enjoy meeting all the people working on various projects with different needs and discussing possible solutions. We also enjoy meeting the other vendors and look forward to catching up with them year after year."

Is there anything else you think folks should know about your business?

"We would love to have you visit our showroom at 5440 Martway in Mission to see even more of our beautiful options. No appointment necessary. M-F 9-5; Sat 10-5."

The Johnson County Home + Garden Show is your source for home experts, like The Blind Broker, LLC. Join us February 21-23 at the Overland Park Convention Center and find everything you need to refresh your space. Get your tickets today.

Designer tips of the Decade

Jan 13, 2020

The 2010s have been quite the decade when it comes to home decor and design. From hygge to minimalism to maximalism and everything in between - what styles should we keep and what should be leave behind? We chatted with Vancouver’s Jamie Banfield ahead of the 2020 Edmonton Renovation Show to get his take on how best to welcome the new decade into our homes. Read on for some of the best design tips Jamie has learned in the last 10 years (or so!).

Jamie’s three renovation tips homeowners need to know going into the next decade:

  1. “Have a system, plan and process. This is so important to the success of any project from baking a cake, hosting a dinner party to renovating a kitchen. Even if the space is a DIY project, build a plan, put the time in to plan (typically double the project itself) and gather information to create a budget, schedule and process.”
  2. “Scale! Scaling is such a fundamental aspect of design. Let’s say you’re selecting an area rug or a piece of art or a decorative light fixture; make sure the scale works well for the space. My tip? Typically going once size larger. Usually works out better!”
  3. “Do not cheap out on labour. A master installer of cabinetry, countertop or just even baseboards and trim can make an inexpensive product look like a million dollars. Less than average craftsmanship can take something expensive and make the end result look cheap, and just an eye sore… If you are a DIY’er know your strengths and play of those.”  

Trends Jamie thinks should STAY in the past:

  1. “Feature painted walls. The day of needing a feature wall in the dining room, or bedroom is gone. We are seeing a trend of painting the whole dining room a dramatic colour, or the ceiling to compliment. We are seeing bedroom headboard walls taking shape as feature walls with wallpapers, millwork and detailed mouldings to create a tactile feature not just a wall painted to contrast the overall space.”
  2. “Shag carpet. Shag carpet, we have seen this trend come in a few times over the years and it has not lasted. If we are playing with carpet, we are seeing a plush cut pile version instead of the Shaggy long strands of carpet.”
  3. Themed spaces: Spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms should have a feel of a curated space layered with objects that make the homeowners happy. Possibly travels, family hand me downs and just items that mean something. Instead of theming the whole room around puppies or golfers we are seeing little hits of those items curated and placed with other objects that mean something to the homeowner. When laying décor think of three things the colour blocking, negative to positive space and the overall texture of the items gathering together.

 Jamie’s tips on keeping your home lasting for years to come:

  1. “Function, Function, Function! When purchasing a condo or renovating a home the function and space planning will keep a space fresh and lasting or dated. Put the extra time in to planning for the function of you and your lifestyle. Forget the emotion of “this is how I have always had it” or “falling in love with materials/styles.””
  2. “Don’t be afraid of personality. Know where to add that punch of personality and colour. When we look at a project we look at “committal” and “noncommittal” personality. Items such as faucets, decorative lighting, paint, area rugs and art are non-committal and at times the best ways to layer in personality and items that might be trendy. Flooring, tiles, countertop, cabinetry and appliances are committal pieces, ones that can add up in cost and be a lot more labour intensive to change over time. Add trendy personality in non-committal ways as these can be switched out very easy.”
  3. “Lighting. Lighting the space correctly is so important these days, with  advance in LED we are seeing spaces being over lit or the colour temperature not correctly installed in spaces. When renovating any space think about the lighting just like you would selection flooring of your countertop. Put the time in to understanding what you are installing and what the impact of the other finishes and items you have selected.

 We can’t wait to continue to help homeowners tackle all of their home improvement projects for the next 10 years and beyond. Head over to the Edmonton Expo Centre January 24-26 to meet with industry experts like Jamie Banfield, A&E’s Holly Baker of Vacation Rental Potential and master DIYer Christina Dennis as well as over 225 exhibitors ready to lend a hand for the projects you’ve been itching to start and finish. The Edmonton Renovation Show is a must-attend for any Edmonton homeowner. We can’t wait to see you there!

Marketplace Events Produced Shows Recognized By Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

Jan 13, 2020

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine released their list of the 5 Top Flower and Garden Shows and we're proud to announce that Marketplace Events produced shows take the top two spots! The well-respected industry publication listed the 2020 Northwest Flower & Garden Festival and 2020 Southern Spring Home & Garden Show as the #1 and #2 flower and garden shows worth visiting to help cure your winter blues. For more information and to view the full list, please see the complete article

Northwest Flower & Garden Festival
Northwest Flower & Garden Festival

Deciding to participate as an exhibitor or sponsor in a Marketplace Events produced show means working with the very best. Congratulations to Northwest Flower & Garden Festival Manager, Jeff Swenson, to Southern Spring Home & Garden Show Manager Jennifer Smetana, and to their Show Teams for earning this recognition. 

Southern Spring Home & Garden Show
Southern Spring Home & Garden Show

Interested in participating in these or other Marketplace Events produced shows? Fill out a Booth Request Form today. Don't miss your opportunity to connect with thousands of qualified customers at some of the best shows in the industry. 

2020 Show Recognized As The Best By Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

Jan 13, 2020

We're pleased to announce that the 2020 Northwest Flower & Garden Festival has been rated #1 in a list of the Top 5 Flower and Garden Shows as ranked by the experts at Better Homes & Garden Magazine. The review of the upcoming show, which returns to the Washington State Convention Center February 26 - March 1, notes that guests should expect "indulge in 'Spring Fever', which is the theme of this year's Northwest Flower & Garden Festival."

Northwest Flower & Garden Festival

We can't wait for you to experience this unique feature and many more at the show. You can enjoy Better Home & Garden Magazine's full sneak peek of the show here, and get your tickets here. The Northwest Flower & Garden Festival is just the thing to cure your winter blues. See you soon!

2020 Show Recognized As One Of The Best By Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

Jan 13, 2020

We're pleased to announce that the 2020 Southern Spring Home & Garden Show was rated #2 in a list of the Top 5 Flower and Garden Shows as ranked by the experts at Better Homes & Garden Magazine. The review of the upcoming show, which returns to The Park Expo and Conference Center February 28 - March 1 + March 3-5, notes that guests should expect "travel back in touring display gardens celebrating this year's theme of 'Vintage South'."

Southern Spring Home & Garden Show

We can't wait for y'all to experience this unique feature and many more at the show. You can enjoy Better Home & Garden Magazine's full sneak peek of the show here, and get your tickets here. The Southern Spring Home & Garden Show is just the thing to cure your winter blues. See you soon! 

Exhibitor Spotlight: Snappy Services LLC

Jan 13, 2020

We're excited to welcome Snappy Services to the Indianapolis Home Show, happening January 17-26. Before you visit this fantastic company in Booth #6514, check out our brief interview with Jerry Snapp below. 

Snappy Services logo; a cartoon image of a portly plumber wielding a plunger and wearing a hard hat.


Describe your services.

We are a full-service plumbing and drain company.


What are your best home or garden tips for this season?

When temperatures drop below freezing, we strongly advise homeowners to leave a faucet or two dripping to help prevent water lines from freezing!


What are your featured items this season? 

Mention that you saw us at the Indy Home Show and receive a $50 Home Plumbing Inspection!


What are your home or garden pet peeves?

I don’t really have any, to be honest.


What is the strangest client request you've ever received?

No comment, haha!


What is your favorite part about the home show?

Meeting all of the great people from this area!


Any additional company info you'd like to include?

Snappy is a family-owned and operated company that would love the opportunity to help your family with your Plumbing and Drain needs! Let Snappy make YOU happy!


The Snappy Services team walking towards the camera outdoors.


Visit Snappy Services in Booth #6514 at the Indianapolis Home Show, January 17-26 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Don't miss your chance to connect with hundreds of local pros at the show.

Five Tips for First Time Gardeners

Jan 13, 2020

With raised garden beds, container beds, and the multitude of other options now on the market, starting a garden is no longer the time and space intensive project it used to be. However, before you go buying seeds and dreaming of freshly made salsa, there are a few things you should think about when designing and executing your green space.


Garden Tools


1. Location, location, location – It’s a given that plants need sunlight to grow strong and bear produce. But not all plants need the same amount of sun, or the same type. Morning sun is considered gentler than afternoon sun. While some plants are extremely hardy, too much harsh sun is a surefire way to burn your garden to a crisp.

2. Space is an illusion – If you’re planting vegetables from seeds, it can be tempting to see your garden container as a vast and open field, ready for tons of plants. The reality is much different. When spacing your seeds or starter plants, you need to account for the width of the fully mature plant. Otherwise your garden will be overfilled with a stunted, poorly performing crop.

3. Pest control – There’s nothing worse than tending to your plants religiously for two months, watching them slowly produce veggies, and then coming out to see a squirrel or insects have been gnawing on them in the night. For the bugs, there are a wide variety of eco-friendly sprays you can douse your garden in every few days. However, make sure to check the label and ensure they’re specifically formulated to be safe for edible plants. Squirrels are much simpler. Take some cayenne pepper and sprinkle it in the soil and plants. Next time they go for a bite, they’ll get something hotter than anticipated and stay away!

4. Know your growing season – In Kansas City, may people wait until Mother’s Day to start their garden. That way they don’t have to worry about any late spring frosts wiping out all of their plants. Not all vegetables mature at the same rate. Some pepper plants may be yielding in one to two months. Others could take over three months to really get going, meaning you might only receive one good crop before the variable weather of fall.

5. Enjoy all the benefits – There are so many reasons to have a garden, even a small one. It reduces your carbon footprint, helps local pollinators (like bees and butterflies), gets people outside and active, as well as the obvious benefit of having freshly picked fruits and veggies. Whatever your primary motivation, make sure to take time and savor your green space this spring.

Get more garden tips and advice at the KC Remodel + Garden Show, January 31-February 2 at the American Royal Center. Connect with hundreds of experts, experience inspiring displays, and more. This exciting three-day event is a must-attend!

Supporting Our Local Community: Special Days at the Show

Jan 13, 2020
The Home + Remodeling Show returns to the Dulles Expo Center on January 17-19, 2020 to help DC and Northern Virginia homeowners create the space of their dreams. This year, two days have been designated to honor important segments of the Washington DC population with free admission as our way to show our appreciation for what they do to enrich our community. Get the scoop below to see how you can qualify, and be sure to share with individuals you know who do qualify so they can take advantage during the show. 


On Friday, January 17 the Home + Remodeling Show will honor local heroes with free admission granted to active duty military, veterans, firefighters, police officers and first responders as part of Hero Appreciation Day. Simply present valid ID at our Box Office to take advantage. Accompanying family members and friends will receive half price admission as well. Thank you for your service, sacrifice, and everything you do to keep our community safe.

On Sunday, January 19 the Home + Remodeling Show will tip our hat to the men and women in the construction trades, without whom none of our construction-related exhibitors and sponsors could maintain a business. Trade Day offers all home-related tradespersons or members of an affiliated association or organization free admission. To take advantage, simple show a form of valid identification at our Box Office. That ID can be a business card, an association membership card or an employee identification card.


Also, on Sunday, January 19 the Home + Remodeling Show will honor those who work for the Federal Government with free admission as part of Federal Government Employee Day. Government employees or contractors may simply show a valid federal ID at our Box Office to receive a complimentary ticket.

The Home + Remodeling Show is your source for home improvement inspiration, project ideas, and expert advice. We hope everyone can join us at the Dulles Expo Center January 17-19. Enjoy presentations from This Old House host Kevin O’Connor, tour our inspiring displays, connect with hundreds of home experts, and more. This three-day event is a must-attend for local homeowners. Don’t miss it!

Insider-Tips and Team Picks: A Showgoer’s Guide to Opening Day

Jan 10, 2020

Today’s the day to make your dream home come to life! Whether you’re just starting to plan or you’ve already begun your renovation, the Winnipeg Renovation Show has something for every project. Opening today at the RBC Convention Centre, the Show is happening all weekend from January 10–12, 2020.

With so much to see, we’ve compiled a list of must-sees and insider tips from Marketplace Events, the team behind it all! Take in the Show like the pros and walk away filled with knowledge and inspiration!

Before you Go

Before you make your way down to the RBC Convention Centre, be sure to have your tickets in hand. Save yourself $2 by purchasing your tickets online at, courtesy of All Canadian Renovations.

Now that you’re set, find your way to the RBC Convention Centre (375 York Avenue, Winnipeg, MB). If you’re coming by car, parking is available at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg Parkade, or you can park at any of the nearby outdoor and indoor lots, as well as on metered spots on the adjacent streets. Check out the RBC Convention Centre Parking Information for more details, including price points and directions.

At the Show

The fun begins once you’ve arrived at the Show! Grab a Show Guide at the entrance to help make the most of your day. You’ll find a full list of the Lifestyle Stage schedule, exhibitor list and floor plan to guide your way!

And now, for the insider tips to visiting the Show! Here’s what the Marketplace Events team suggests:

  • Visit the HGTV Canada Lifestyle Stage, presented by KAT Reno and Winnipeg Free Press. You will be able to hear from experts about topics including bathroom and kitchen renovations, boosting your home's value, and more. View the Lifestyle Stage schedule for the full list of presentations and be sure to come early and grab seats for the presentations you don’t want to miss!

  • Who wants to meet Bryan Baeumler? You might just have the chance to snap a photo and chat with Bryan if you stick around after he presents on Saturday, January 11 at 1PM! You can also catch him on the HGTV Canada Lifestyle Stage presented by KAT Reno and Winnipeg Free Press on Friday, January 10 at 6PM.

  • With so many quality exhibitors and features, you may need to take a break during the Show! There are many spaces for you to take a second and relax, one being the Show Lounge, designed by Kelsey Kosman of Dollhouse Designs. At the Lounge, you can take a second to chat about which exhibitors you want to visit next, take in the beautiful design and even enjoy a glass of wine. Go at your own pace and make it a full day activity with a partner, family member or friend!

  • If you’re seeking design advice or looking to renovate your home, make sure to stop by The Design Studio, presented by Style Manitoba, sponsored by Cloverdale Paint and designed by IDESIGN - Interiors by Kristin and Ask a Renovator, presented by Manitoba Home Builders’ Association and Home Decor & Renovations. The experts will leave you with inspiration and direction on how to tackle your project!

  • Looking to add those finishing touches to your newly renovated home? Look no further than m(ART)ket to dress up your naked walls and add that much needed final touch to your space with one-of-a-kind pieces from this curated collection of canvases, prints, and photographs by local artists. 

Share what you’re loving at the Show with us by using #WRS20 and find us on Instagram and Twitter! Buy tickets online and save $2 courtesy of All Canadian Renovations at Satisfaction guaranteed - or the price of admission is on us!