Exhibitor Spotlight: She Home & Gift

Oct 16, 2019

Start your holiday season with a trip to the Des Moines Holiday Boutique, happening November 1-3 at the Iowa Events Center. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the season, and get a jump on your holiday shopping. With 200+ vendors to shop, including She Home & Gift, we've got your Christmas list covered. Before you visit She Home & Gift in Booth #427 check out our brief interview below.

Please describe your products.

"We will have Christmas, everyday home and gift, and much more!"

What are your best tips for the holiday season?

"Shop early to find the best selection."

What are your featured items this season?

"We will have customized Des Moines merchandise along with many hand selected unique gifts!"

What's your best holiday shopping advice?

"Slow down and enjoy."

What's your favorite part about being in the Des Moines Holiday Boutique?

"One stop shopping under one roof, and so festive!"

What's your favorite Christmas movie?

"Miracle on 34th Street."

Is there anything else you think folks should know about your business?

"We offer design on the back end of our business, lighting, rugs, art."

The Des Moines Holiday Boutique returns to the Iowa Events Center November 1-3, 2019. Join us for three fabulously festive days of shopping and holiday fun. Don't miss your chance to connect with 200+ exciting vendors, like She Home & Gift. Get your tickets today!

Bahamas Adventures with Bryan

Oct 16, 2019

Bryan continues to forge new records with his television shows and most of all, expert renovation projects. HGTV Canada’s Island of Bryan is renewed for a second season and fans can’t wait to see the final reveal of the Baeumler’s  South Andros project where Bryan and his wife Sarah have undertaken the task of renovating a deserted resort. With the resort already set to open this November, Bryan shared some of his island renovation experiences ahead of his arrival at this year’s Edmonton Fall Home Show. 

When it comes to comparing climate, it’s quite obvious. The island is home to beautiful sand beaches and warm weather year round. In Canada, it can snow, rain and end in sun in just one day! “The basics in renovation are the same,” says Bryan, when thinking about the differences in tackling projects outside of Canada’s climate. “The Bahamian Building code is actually based on Canada’s codes so there’s familiarity there… just without the consideration for frost and cold temperatures obviously.” Materials used are also different: “At home we use a lot of lumber and drywall, but on the island, you use more masonry and concrete based product because of the high humidity and cost,” says Bryan. “So that has been a learning curve for sure.”

The more nerve-wracking part of starting the project? Finding local labour on such a small island. “The island’s population is only about 700 people in total, so we were nervous about finding enough local labour to tackle something like this,” notes Bryan. “But we were pleasantly surprised to find a ton of skills, hardworking locals that have come onboard to help us get this hotel back up and operating.” For Bryan though, there is a lot of similarity to renovating a hotel to a home. “It really is a much larger project than building a single house,” says Bryan. “We have 22 villas and 18 hotel rooms. But it really is just a residential renovation on a much larger scale… with a few additional considerations for commercial hotel accessibility and fire regulations.”

People are eager to see the upcoming season and the resort open and running. The adventure continues for the Baeumler’s who are busy filming and putting the finishing touches on the resort. Bryan will be sharing his tales from the island on the HGTV Canada Main Stage this year at the 2019 Edmonton Fall Home Show. You can catch him Friday at 6pm or Saturday at 1pm. Find your tickets at

Exhibitor Spotlight: The Dotted Duck

Oct 15, 2019

The Des Moines Holiday Boutique is your holiday shopping destination. Join us November 1-3 at the Iowa Events Center for three exciting days of festive fun. Get a jump on your Christmas list with 200+ vendors to shop, including The Dotted Duck. Before you visit this unique vendor in Booth #407, check out our brief interview below.

The Dotted Duck

Please describe your products.

"The Dotted Duck designs and makes children’s boutique clothing. Each of our dresses, skirts, and accessories are hand sewn and undergo a personal quality check before being sold. We understand the needs of young families and aim to meet those needs, at least in our corner of the clothing world. Bringing fun, fashionable attire to your children’s wardrobes at an affordable price is our aim and goal."

What are your best tips for the holiday season?

"Plan ahead and shop easy so you can slow down and enjoy the season with those you love."

What are your featured items this season?

"We have a brand new Christmas Dress with matching accessories ready just in time for the Holiday Boutique!"

The Dotted Duck

What's your best holiday shopping advice?

"Support small/local businesses in your city and area. Unique gifts truly feel from the heart when unwrapped from beneath the tree."

What's your favorite part about participating in the Des Moines Holiday Boutique?

"It offers a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and bless them with something new for their holiday season."

What's your favorite Christmas movie?

"My personal favorite is The Holiday, but our family makes sure to get in our fare share of classics like White Christmas as well as kid favorites like the Grinch and Home Alone."

Is there anything else you think folks should know about your business?

"We are so pleased to have the opportunity to offer the blessing of quality handmade clothing for the events in your child's life. When you shop small with us you bless us and our family in return."

The Des Moines Holiday Boutique returns to the Iowa Events Center November 1-3. Get ready to shop hundreds of vendors, including The Dotted Duck. Get a jump on your Christmas list and start your holiday season with us. We can't wait to see you there!

Exhibitor Spotlight: Hyrsak

Oct 15, 2019

We're excited to have Hyrsak joining us at this year's Holiday Boutique. Hyrsak is a creative new hair dryer attachment that is simple to use and will generally cut your drying time in half while softening and adding volume to your hair.

Before you see the team at booth #4406 get a sneak peek at what their bringing to the show in our brief interview below. 

Q. Describe your products.
A. Our product is a hair drying sock attachment to speed up drying time and leave hair soft.

Q.  What are your best tips for the holiday season?
A. My tip for the holiday season is keep it simple and meaningful.

Q.  What are your featured items this season?
A. Hyrsak... pronouced Hair sock!

Q. What’s your best holiday shopping advice?
A. My best holiday shopping advice is get it done early so you can enjoy the season.

Q. What’s your favorite part about being in this holiday show?
A. My favorite part of this show is being with family and friends and helping people make life simpler.

Q. What’s your favorite Christmas movie?
A. It's A Wonderful Life

Q. Is there anything else you think folks should know about your business?
A. We are a family owned Iowa business that believes in our product.

The Holiday Boutique is coming to the Overland Park Convention Center November 14-17, 2019. With hundreds of vendors, including Hyrsak, you're sure to find something for everyone on your list. Buy your tickets online and SAVE $2

The Rise of Tablescapes

Oct 15, 2019

Tablescapes have become so popular in the design world and online. From dreamy Pinterest boards to amazing Instagram moments, table settings for weddings, birthdays and seasonal holidays have inspired homeowners to take their hosting skills to the next level. “Who doesn’t love gathering around the table with friends for a meal?” says Jennifer Hughes, designer of the Dinner x Design feature this year at the Edmonton Fall Home Show.  “Whether its a brunch with girlfriends, or a formal family dinner, tablescapes are a great way to truly set the mood of the party. People invest in beautiful dining tables these days which ends up being a focal point of the home, so it is definitely worth it to spend a little time and create a gorgeous tablescape to compliment its beauty.”

Thankfully, Jennifer has some simple tricks for homeowners to start taking their place settings skills to the next level.

Tip #1 Use what you have at home, scour your home for some cool pieces that could work in the center of your table.

Tip #2 Re-use! Find old mason jars or even old glass pop bottles and create a simple collection of vases with single stemmed flowers for that rustic minimal look.

Tip #3 Use old textiles or an old scarf and create a DIY tablecloth or table runner.

Tip #4 Collect materials from the outdoors of from your travels, it's nice to have a few pieces that create conversations about a trip you took and look great on your table at the same time. For example, bring home sun bleached driftwood from a trip you took out in Vancouver island mixed with some seashells on a decorative plate or bowl. Collect some pinecones and bark and put them in a clear glass bowl with other decorative balls.

 She also suggests mixing and matching to create one of a kind tablescapes. “Don’t be afraid to layer textiles when choosing your placemats and table runners.” She also notes, “You can also add different heights, dimensions and shapes using candlesticks, vases, and chargers and mix patterns and play with sizes when it comes to plates and bowls.

For more inspiration, head on over to the Edmonton Fall Home Show at the Edmonton Expo Centre October 18-20! You’ll find hundreds of exhibitors, industry experts and some celebrity guests, ready to answer your hardest home improvement questions. For more information, and do buy tickets check out

Exhibitor Spotlight: Denise Albright Studio

Oct 14, 2019

The holiday season is right around the corner, and with it comes the Southern Christmas Show. Join us at The Park Expo and Conference Center November 14-24, with Preview Night on November 13. Get ready to shop hundreds of vendors, including Denise Albright Studio in Booth #2207. Before you visit with this unique business, enjoy our brief interview below.

Denise Albright Studio

Please describe your products.

"Crush your to-do' a Mother! Our products are designed to help busy women manage their wonderfully hectic lives. We offer 2020-2021 planners, weekly & monthly planner pads, meal planner pads, desktop calendars, budgeting tools, planner stickers, gratitude journals, school keepsake and memory scrapbooking items including the mother-saving, turn-key Class Keeper® School Days Binder. In addition, find our other product brands in our booth, too: Reminder Binder®, Peek at the Week®, Dad Pad®, Meal Minder® and Gratitude Finder®. Our mission is to help you get more done in a day in less time so that you have time to spend with those you love!"

What are your best tips for the holiday season?

"Even the most non-traditional holiday plans can make the most epic memories! At least that is our 2019 mantra! In my own family, we in the process of relocating to San Diego the day after Christmas. In the days that lead up to our launch, we will be living in a VRBO rental. Given that all of our household items will have hit the road by November 1st and all of our gifts will need to fit into a carry-on...we are gearing our three young boys up for the most amazing adventure during this very transient state. We plan to get very creative with our holiday decor and gifts to suit the situation. We hope to make this holiday one they will remember because of the moments we shared not the gifts we unwrapped!"

What are your featured items this season?

"Show PROMO: Get a FREE Gift when you spend $25 and subscribe to our tribe! Notably, this is our FIRST TIME exhibiting. While everything is "new" this year, we are so excited to introduce (4) BRAND NEW items including our Gratitude Finder® Gratitude Journals (available in 7 cover styles), the ALL-NEW Budget Binder (a financial workbook to set yourself up for financial success), the Meal Minder® Weekly Menu Planning Pad and the mini Peek at the Week® Weekly Planner Pad. Of course, we'll have all the new 2020-2021 Reminder Binder® Planners and Calendar goodies to keep you on track and on time all year!"

Denise Albright Studio

What's your best holiday shopping advice?

"Tag your unwrapped gifts! Say what? It's likely you'll buy 87 gifts at the show, unload your treasures once your home and then it happens...for whom did you buy what?! We suggest bringing a sheet of 30-up address label stickers (or even a trusty roll of masking tape) and write your recipient's names on them. Before you tuck your newfound trinket into your tote bag, TAG IT! When you arrive back at home (or your hotel), you'll recall just who you had in mind for each of those 87 gifts!"

What's your favorite part about being in the Southern Christmas Show?

"We are exclusively an e-commerce business. So it's rare that I get to meet the women who use our products. As a bonafide extrovert, I am giddy at the opportunity to engage with those who stop by our booth. Giddy!"

What's your favorite Christmas movie?

"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...having all boys in my house, the gross, silly, awkward moments are ones they most I do, too!"

Is there anything else folks should know about your business?

"We are 100% women-owned, mom-driven, virtual company. Our team consists of (4) women who crush their roles. We value every order like it came from our best friend. We are not selling products as much as we are about building a raving fan club. We offer the most excellent customer service I've ever experienced. My favorite thing to do when a customer calls us with a comment about an item that arrived damaged or is missing, I tell them I'm NOT sending them one...wait for it...then tell them, because I'm sending you TWO! Instantly, I've created a fan who will share it with a friend. This is just one of the simple ways we've managed to keep our team small, but our sales volume mighty. We are proud to be a 7-figure company with zero debt and a team of women who skip to work because they love what they do."

The Southern Christmas Show is the perfect place to start your holiday season. Enjoy tons of festive fun November 14-24, with Preview Night on November 13 and get ready to shop hundreds of businesses like Denise Albright Studio. We can't wait to see y'all there!

Simple Kitchen Tips with Sugar Loves Spices

Oct 11, 2019

Loreto and Nicoletta have been cooking up an Italian storm on their online blog In their bustling kitchen, they combine their passion for savory and sweet, and of course a bit of spice! They are avid supporters of using local, organic and seasonal ingredients to prepare foods that bring people together through a love of tradition and creativity. These two Italian love birds will be sharing their take on a season risotto this year on The Cooking Stage at the 2019 Edmonton Fall Home Show. Before you sample their delectable treats, you can find out more about them right here!

Loreto and Nicoletta love to share their knowledge with beginners. Offering private cooking classes for small groups, they want to encourage everyone to roll up their sleeves and get courageous in the kitchen. “No need to worry if you’re new! Always start with simple recipes,” says the dynamic duo. “Some tips for beginner cooks would be to organize your ingredients so they’re ready to go. And if you’re following a recipe, read it though fully, then tackle it.” Wondering how chefs just know when things are done? “Over time, you’ll develop a visual and taste sense as far as cook times.”

When people think of Italian, they think of amazing pizza and mouth-watering pasta. When it comes to home made noodles and dough though, homeowners are often quite wary. “Home-made or “scratch” items aren’t as hard as you think,” notes Loreto, “As for anything, it requires patience and practice. Having someone teach you though can take a lot of the anxiety out. Hands on cooking classes allow you to work hands-on and not only rely on descriptors or pictures for instructions.” For new timers, the couple suggests starting with a simple pasta with a fresh tomato basil sauce.

The couple strongly believes in eating with the seasons and its benefits to both the environment and our health. “It’s the best way to get the most out of fruits and vegetables without disrupting the environment and respecting nature’s balance,” explains Loreto and Nicoletta. “Seasonal vegetables have a higher content of vitamins and minerals and require less to no pesticides.”

Just follow that scent! The Cooking Stage this year at the 2019 Edmonton Fall Home Show is chalk full of Edmonton’s best food experts. They’ll be cooking everything from plant-powered recipes to Korean glazed meatball sliders. Check out the rest of the amazing line-up on our website, then come down to the Edmonton Expo Centre October 18-20th to taste these mouth watering meals

Uncork With Official Winery Sponsor Daniel's Vineyard

Oct 11, 2019

The chance to enjoy some delicious new wines is yours at this year’s Christmas Gift + Hobby Show with official winery sponsor Daniel’s Vineyard.

“The Gift + Hobby Show has always been an event we have frequented as a family, which makes it even more special to participate this year as a vendor,” said General Manager Jessica Pontius. “We are honored to be the official winery sponsor and for the opportunity to introduce our wine to attendees who have not yet tried Daniel's Vineyard wine.”

Pawty Pack

Daniel's Vineyard is a local, family-owned winery and vineyard. Its story began when owners Daniel and Kimberly were on vacation with their five children in Italy, where the idea to plant a vineyard was sown in the Tuscan foothills. When they arrived back to the states, the Cook family began to put their dream into action. In 2010, more than 14,000 grape vines were cultivated into the Indiana soil by family, friends and neighbors. As the vines have flourished over the years, so has the Daniel’s Vineyard community. Today, Daniel’s Vineyard is a full production winery that offers a private wine club and event venue for any occasion.

“Our wines range from sweet to dry, making it easy for our customers to find many options that fit their palate,” Pontius said. “Our selection is always changing, but currently we have more than 20 varietals with the majority being ‘estate wines,’ which are made from the grapes we grow at our local, Geist-area vineyard.”

What will Daniel’s Vineyard be offering at the Christmas Gift + Hobby Show? A lot! That includes some new wines, such as their mulled sangria, as well as their new Pawty Pack.

Pawty Pack

“The Pawty Pack is a 12-pack of canned wine with three different varietals and 12 distinct cans, each featuring a painting of a dog by our family artist, Jenna Cook. This amazing gift idea is equivalent to six full bottles of wine! We have partnered with the Hamilton County Humane Society to raise funds for their mission, and hopefully we can help get a few pups a forever home before Christmas. In addition to the Pawty Pack, we are excited to announce our Fireside Sangria, which is a warm and cozy mulled wine sangria, and our Circle City Holiday Red wine.”

There’s certainly something for everyone. Even if you don’t drink wine, there are great gifts for your wine-drinking friends and family this holiday season. Come see Daniel’s Vineyard at the 2019 Christmas Gift + Hobby Show from November 6-10 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds!

Exhibitor Spotlight: Peter Tomlinson Photography

Oct 11, 2019

Start your holiday season with a trip to the Southern Christmas Show, happening November 14-24 with Preview Night on November 13. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the season, and get a jump on your holiday shopping. With 350+ vendors, including Peter Tomlinson Photography, we've got your Christmas list covered. Before you visit Peter Tomlinson Photography in Booth #915, check out our brief interview below.

Peter Tomlinson Photography

Please describe your products.

"Fine art prints of my nature and travel photography."

What are your best tips for the holiday season?

"You can buy all your gifts at the Southern Christmas Show..."

What are your featured items this season?

"New photos of Charlotte, many new nature photos including hummingbird feeding her chicks, owls, woodpeckers, dragonflies, Blue Ridge Parkway and many more."

What's your best holiday shopping advice?

"Get it done in November, the you'll be more relaxed."

What's your favorite thing about being in the Southern Christmas Show?

"Its happy atmosphere."

What's your favorite Christmas movie?

"Love Actually."

Is there anything else folks should know about your business?

"I have photos from many parts of America, Europe, India and Africa."

The Southern Christmas Show takes over The Park Expo and Conference Center November 14-24, with Preview Night on November 13. Don't miss your chance to shop 350+ vendors, including Peter Tomlinson Photography. Get your tickets today and start planning your visit. We can't wait to see you there!

Exhibitor Spotlight: Faneema Cutlery

Oct 11, 2019

The 2019 Christmas Gift + Hobby Show is your source for holiday gift ideas and inspiration. Join us November 6-10 at the Fairgrounds to shop hundreds of vendors, including Faneema Cutlery. Before you visit them in Booth #433, enjoy our brief interview below and get a sneak peek at some of the goodies they'll be bringing to the show.

Faneema Cutlery

Please describe your products.

"We create hand-forged unique Damascus chef and kitchen knives with high quality steel and beautiful handles made from natural, renewable materials sourced from a variety of countries. We also make Damascus knives for every outdoor activity and large collectible knives."

What are your best tips for the holiday season?

"Create lovely memories with family and friends cooking at home. Familiar holiday foods are so comforting. The holidays can be stressful with so much to do, but it is the most wonderful time of the year which should be spent enjoying each other, wonderful food and all the decorations."

What are your featured items this season?

"We are showcasing our new steak knife sets especially designed for this show. Our kitchen knife sets will be featured at special prices."

Faneema Cutlery

What's your favorite part about being in the Christmas Gift + Hobby Show?

"Meeting and talking with people. Finding out their holiday traditions and wishes. If our product can make their life easier and bring fun and joy to cooking...that is our favorite part of being in the show. Our knives also make wonderful gifts that are unique and can't be found in any store."

What's your best holiday shopping advice?

"What makes your heart sing with joy? That is what you purchase. You will always love it, use it and it will always make you happy. For loved ones, practical gifts are nice, but finding that unique item just for them will make their heart sing with joy."

What's your favorite Christmas movie?

"I've been watching It's A Wonderful Life every year since I was a young girl, so that is quite a while now. I watched with my father and now continue the tradition in his honor. A Christmas Story has to be a close second. It always makes me laugh. These movies are on while I'm cooking, putting up decorations, setting a Christmas table and welcoming family into our home. Pure joy."

Is there anything else you think folks should know about your business?

"Faneema Cutlery is a family business. We all work together to bring you beautiful Damascus knives at a reasonable price. Damascus is hand-forged so no two blades are alike. Each knife is a work of art that will last years and years. We are focused on our customers' happiness with our product. We are available at all times with answers to questions and information. We guarantee our product 100%."

The Christmas Gift + Hobby Show will be filling the Indiana State Fairgrounds with hundreds of unique vendors, like Faneema Cutlery, November 6-10. Don't miss your chance to get a jump on your holiday shopping and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season. We can't wait to see you at the show!

That Forever Home Feel in Your Rental with HGTV Canada Main Stage Presenter, Sabrina Smelko

Oct 11, 2019


There is a big difference between the feeling of a house and a home - this may be cliche, but it’s true! Sabrina Smelko has a number of little tricks that can make a space feel like your humble abode and the best way to do this is to make it an extension of your unique personal style. Sabrina will be divulging her must-know tips on the HGTV Canada Main Stage both Saturday & Sunday at 2pm! But in the meantime, here are three concepts to think of when making your rental feel like home - transition pieces, decor and plants! Each of these categories can be used when decorating your space, no matter the size or style. 
1.Transitional Pieces
When you purchase large ticket items such as sofas, kitchen tables and bed-sets think of pieces that can transition with you long term into future spaces. Choose a piece that can fit best in diverse layouts and sizes of apartments or homes. If you are in a small studio, find a modular sofa that can open into a spare bed to hold overnight guests. You can find affordable, stylish dining tables that when you pop in a leaf can extend to seat 6 people from 4 - this way you won’t need to purchase a new table when moving into a larger space. Finding a classic style in a neutral color ensures longevity of your pieces so you can get the most bang for your buck! 


Sabrina Smelko


If your investment pieces are neutral you have the opportunity to express your personal style through the decor! This is the best way to make your house feel like a home. A can of paint is affordable and can drastically change the feeling of a room. Make one room pop using removable wallpaper, colorful tile or an eccentric light fixture. A large area rug defines a space and creates a sense of warmth in a room. Choose an eye-catching accent color and display it in throw cushions and art work - you are pulling together a room and seamlessly showing your personal style throughout your home. Nothing quite makes a house feel like home more than a smell. Find your signature scent and bring it into your space through an oil diffuser or candle!

Sabrina Smelko



3. Plants
Plants plants and more plants. Affordable natural decor from Mother Nature herself! Introduce a variety of house plants—big, small, diverse and tall. There are unique colours and styles of plants that can further your design aesthetic. Boho — go with a big lush palm. Mid-century modern — try a cacti! Pop them inside some cute pots, baskets or hanging planters around the house. Not only do they introduce a pop of colour and some natural elements, but they go with any decor and purify your air!



Sabrina Smelko



These are just three of the hundreds of tips and tricks you will find at the Show from Sabrina and all of the other experts!. Get one-on-one time with local exhibitors at the booths, get re-inspired by the experts on the HGTV Canada Main Stage and interact with the live features to really get the creative juices flowing to jazz up your rental this fall. 


Tired of Cooking? Lilydale to the Rescue!

Oct 10, 2019
As the weather starts to cool off and the holidays start creeping up on us, time becomes more and more challenging especially in the kitchen.  Who wants to cook all day when we have people to see and places to go!  It may be hard to cook a great meal for yourself, family or friends.  Lilydale is here to the rescue!  
For over 75 years, Lilydale® has proudly provided Canadians with delicious poultry products that use only Canadian raised chicken and turkey. Lilydale® has a wide variety of premium poultry products ranging from fresh and frozen to fully cooked products like deli, sausages and turkey bacon that help you spend less time in the kitchen.  
When you use their Oven Roasted Carved Chicken Breast or Turkey Breast strips you aren’t sacrificing on quality; it’s cut from whole turkey and chicken breast and it saves you time; it’s fully cooked, sliced and ready to add to any dish.  
Lilydale Turkey StripsLilydale Chicken Strips
Like their Easy Alfredo Chicken and Vegetable Fusilli that comes together in just 20 minutes.  So easy to make and so delicious you’ll want to make extra for lunch the next day or share it with your friends. Be sure to visit their website for more product information and where to buy all of their products.  Come by the Lilydale® Cooking Stage at the Vancouver Fall Home Show to see a live cooking demonstration!


Alfredo Chicken and Vegetable Fusilli
Easy Alfredo Chicken and Vegetable Fusilli 
Prep Time: 10 minutes 
Cook Time: 10 minutes 
Total Time: 20 minutes
Serves: 2
1 package (300 g) Lilydale® Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Strips
1 cup (250 g) prepared Alfredo sauce 
2 cups (500 mL) fusilli, cooked
1 tbsp (15 mL) olive oil
½ cup (125 mL) snow peas, washed
10 cherry tomatoes, washed and cut in half
½ small red onion, sliced
¾ cup (375 mL) fresh baby spinach, washed  
2 tbsp (30 mL) Parmesan cheese, grated

basil sprigs for garnish (optional)



1. Prepare fusilli in a large pot as per package directions. Drain and set aside.
2. Heat olive oil in a large pan, and sauté the snow peas, cherry tomatoes, and the slices of red onion for 3-4 minutes.  Add the Lilydale® Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Strips and sauté for one more minute. Remove from heat and set aside.
3. In a small saucepan, heat the Alfredo sauce.
4. Place the vegetables and Lilydale® Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Strips into the pot with the fusilli. Pour in the Alfredo sauce and stir gently. Add the fresh spinach and stir gently again.
5. Divide between 4 bowls and garnish with Parmesan Cheese and basil sprigs.


To make the pasta for a larger group simply double the recipe!



Emily Mardell is Changing the Way You Look at Food

Oct 10, 2019

Emily Mardell is an Edmontonian Registered Dietitian, expert in family nutrition, and Founder of GetJoyFull - a movement that celebrates local producers, and empowers families to connect with the food on their tables. She’ll be sharing some amazing family friendly plant-based meal ideas on the Cooking Stage at the 2019 Edmonton Fall Home Show. We chatted with her about the changing movements around food and why eating healthier is easier than you think. 

Eating local has definitely become an important value for many Canadian families across the country. “For me, the value of eating local extends well beyond the benefits of freshness, seasonality, and nutrition. Eating local empowers my whole family to cultivate a more joyful relationship with the food on our table. After all, knowing where your food is grown, and the hard-working hands and hearts responsible for it—is a special thing.” For many homeowners supporting local, from clothing to produce has become a lifestyle change. But as Mardell notes, it transcends any trend and supports your local communities and entrepreneurs. “Eating more local food fare is a great way to connect with the growing community, and Alberta producers. If eating local is important to you seek simple, and sustainable ways to make it happen. Eat seasonally, and enjoy a whole new level of freshness. Visit local farmers markets, or u-picks to try something unique, and new.”

Many homeowners are inspired to make a change when it comes to their nutrition and supporting local however, some struggle with the balance of eating right, what’s convenient and are concerned with the cost of it all. “Finding time to cook is more about creating time than having time. We’re all busy, but prioritizing eating together is something you’ll never regret. Set aside an hour, or two each week to prep a recipe, or a few ingredients to help kick-start quick, healthy meals.” For Mardell’s family, meal planning is a great way to ensure balance, both in the wallet, and in the kitchen. “Meal planning can be a helpful way to stretch food dollars. Knowing what you’re making, what you have on hand, and what you need to buy definitely helps keep the grocery list to the essentials. Enjoying frozen fruit, and veggies is a great way to save money, too. Frozen at peak freshness, and nutrition, makes them a healthy, practical choice.” Her tip? “You don’t need to over plan! Prepare just do enough to give you a head start, and allow your creativity, and appetite to guide what you make.” 

This fall, Emily is partaking in a new endeavor, and e-book for families called “Easy Peas-y” in partnership with her foodie BFF Jessica Musslewhite and Alberta Pulse Growers. “This recipe collection features pulse-powered recipes, and helpful tips on how parents can help kids cultivate a positive relationship with food. We are so excited!” You can follow along her adventures at @getjoyfull on instagram for updates, nutrition bites and inspiring food stories.

Curious to know more? Stop by the Edmonton Fall Home Show at the Edmonton Expo Centre October 18-20. The main stage and cooking stage will be chock-full of Edmonton’s best, waiting to share their design tips, tricks and food samples! Between creating your dream kitchen to cooking meals you can’t stop dreaming about, The Edmonton Fall Home Show is the one-stop shop for industry knowledge and advice. Get your tickets now and save $2!

Jamie Banfield: Top Design Trends

Oct 08, 2019

When it comes to designing your kitchen and bathroom, the choices can be hard and the decisions? Even harder. And with so many options for styles, finishes and everything in between, it can seem almost impossible to narrow down how you want your space to look and feel. Ahead of the 2019 Edmonton Fall Home Show, we caught up with Vancouver designer Jamie Banfield to talk his take on some must have trends, tips and design tricks to create your dream kitchen and bathrooms. You can catch him on the Main Stage at the Edmonton Expo Centre October 18-20. 

Trend Alert #1: Natural Stone
“There has been a huge trend towards natural stone in homes, or the look of them anyway,” says Banfield. “On a budget, there are some amazing products like large format porcelain tiles, with a ton of very high quality printing options that include great properties like stain resistant finishes. These tiles look and feel like natural stone and since you can technically print anything on this tile, we are seeing awesome modern takes on traditionally used stone images and really fun applications.” 

Trend Alert #2: Industrial Kitchens and Spa Bathrooms
“Another trend shift I’ve seen coming up is the surge of industrial style kitchens and bathrooms,” notes Jamie.  “This trend is likely pushing for different applications of tile like entire walls of tile, floor-to-ceiling applications, lots of subway, natural stone and patterns as well. But even though you’ve seen these styles in high-end kitchens and extravagant spas, depending on the tile and pattern, this installation  doesn’t  need to break the bank!” His tips? “Terrazzo is making its way from Cali ,New York and Australia. Concrete tiles for walls, floors and also large slabs for countertops, bench seats and other really cool applications. With aggregates that can be large, small, pink, blue or mute tones, this trend is making its way to residential projects fitting modern, transitional and eclectic styles.”

Jamie’s Tips #1: The items you shouldn’t skimp on
For Jamie, renovating a home, whether it be for your own use or an investment, there are just some elements that you must invest in quality. These items are ones that are often used and touched the most which means that if you don’t invest in the best, you’ll notice it the most. “In the kitchen, you really want to invest in high quality appliances, hardware, and your sink and faucet. The bathroom is a little less “luxurious” but really never skimp out on your plumbing fixtures, toilet, and lighting. Always need great lighting!”

Jamie’s Tips #2: Simple refreshes
When it comes to just wanting to update your space, you really don’t have to gut everything and start over. In fact, with trends and feels changing almost on a daily basis, it can really hurt the bank. For Jamie, there are a couple smaller items you can update that will really impact the look without having to gut everything to start over. “First thing I would do is start with the hardware-- knobs, pulls in the kitchen and towel bars, paper holders and such in the bathroom. Then even just updating the mirror and new lighting can really change up a place.” notes Jamie. “These are an easy switch out but you’ll definitely notice a difference.” For some more invest-y items you can look at your bathroom vanity, faucets or a new kitchen sink. “What's great is that all these items can be driven by personality and you can really choose some of finishes to add extra style.”

Needing some more savvy advice? Catch Jamie Banfield on the Main Stage this year at the 2019 Edmonton Fall Home Show. He’ll be sharing more tips and tricks on achieving a designer kitchen on a budget at the Edmonton Expo Centre October 18-20. Get your tickets now and SAVE $2!

Exhibitor Spotlight: Flower Floozy Designs

Oct 08, 2019

The Southern Christmas Show is your holiday shopping destination. Join us November 14-24 (with Preview Night on November 13) to get a jump on your Christmas list with 350+ vendors to shop, including Flower Floozy Designs. Before you visit this unique vendor in Booth #1215, check out our brief interview below.

Flower Floozy Designs

Please describe your products.

"Mosaic art for the garden and home."

What are your best tips for the holiday season?

"Start your Christmas shopping early so you can relax and enjoy all of the festivities in December. The Southern Christmas Show is a great place to get lots of gifts checked off of your list at once."

What are your featured items this season?

"We have mosaic kits for kids and adults to make their own ornament or favorite animal. The moms and grand moms have loved buying these as fun Christmas activity nights, stocking stuffers, and a great way for kids to create gifts for family members. They are $12.99 each or 3 for $30."

Flower Floozy

What's your best holiday shopping advice?

"Shop all year to find the best gifts for those special people in your lives and start a stash of great little gifts for hostesses, teachers, babysitters, etc so you aren’t panicking at the last minute."

Flower Floozy Designs

What's your favorite part about being in the Southern Christmas Show?

"I love getting into the Christmas spirit early. The Christmas show always does that for me. I enjoy seeing returning customers and students of mine and meeting new people. Most of my mosaic students are people that I met at the Southern Christmas Show so it feels like a reunion when they come back to visit."

Is there anything else you think folks should know about your business?

"We have lots of beautiful stained glass mosaic lanterns and suncatchers that make great presents too. I also create stained glass mosaic pet portraits of your fur babies."

The Southern Christmas Show returns to The Park Expo and Conference Center November 14-24, with Preview Night on November 13. Get ready to shop hundreds of vendors, including Flower Floozy Designs. Get a jump on your Christmas list and start your holiday season with us. We can't wait to see you there!

Joy Through Crafting With Craft Genius

Oct 08, 2019

Craft Genius was conceived when CEO Jolie Raufeisen attempted to make a paint pour project for her daughter’s high school graduation party — and it ended up being a huge flop! A new vendor this year at the Christmas Gift and Hobby Show, find out more about this exhibitor with a mission to bring people joy through crafting.

Craft Genius

Q: How did Craft Genius get started?

"After watching YouTube videos to help Jolie with her paint pour project, she anxiously went to the home improvement store to find one needed supply, to two different craft stores to find another supply, then to a discount retailer to find yet another supply needed. After running around for several hours and spending close to $50, the project was a huge flop! She wished there was a company that provided all of the supplies needed, in appropriate quantities, with help to make sure the project was a success.

Jolie and her partner, Crystal, had been crafting together on Friday nights for years, so Crystal was the first one Jolie told about the idea, and things took off from there.

Since both founders wanted to help others as well as share their love of crafting, they started a Master Crafter program where anyone who loves to craft as much as they do could earn income helping others learn new craft projects by bringing everything needed to product a unique, guaranteed work of art to Crafters."

Q: What kind of products do you offer to your customers?

"The goal when creating Craft Genius Class Boxes was to offer a variety of mediums for each class so Crafters could discover what they most enjoyed, then have an opportunity to purchase a Craft Genius Craft Box using their favorite mediums on a larger project they could do on their own. Equally important was giving Crafters the opportunity to craft with their friends, so there is plenty of opportunity to chat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company without too much expense involved.

Craft Genius has three basic Craft Boxes:

• Candle Trio Class Box includes a custom pillar candle melt project, a glass candle holder to embellish and a jar candle pour where Crafters choose their favorite scent to make their candle unique.
• Clever Coaster Class Box includes four coasters with different mediums including mosaics, decoupage, alcohol inks and alcohol markers.
• Relaxation Class Box includes everything to make a body scrub and bath bomb with the color and fragrance the Crafters choose.

In addition to the basic Craft Class Boxes, Craft Genius offers Seasonal Craft Boxes to make sure Crafters consistently have opportunities to experiment with different crafts and mediums. 

There are also Holiday Craft Class Boxes: 

• Ornament Class Box includes four different ornaments chosen by the VIP Crafter (Host) for Crafters to create and keep for themselves or give as gifts.
• Wreath Class Box includes supplies for creating a wreath using non-traditional materials, such as a pool noodle or cardboard, to make the wreath form and everything needed for Crafters to make their own unique project using similar materials.
• Christmas Décor Class Box includes crafts for decorating more than your door or tree, such as a winter hat garland, stuffed snowman or other holiday accessory chosen by the VIP Crafter."

Craft Genius

Q: What are you working on for this year’s Christmas Gift + Hobby Show?

"We are excited to bring the joy of crafting to Indianapolis by offering Quick Craft Boxes and Wreath Craft Boxes at the Christmas Gift and Hobby Show, which include everything needed to make a wreath, an ornament or set of ornaments. There are dozens of options for wreaths and ornaments to create, and most are customizable with colors, embellishments and fabrics."

Q: Why are you excited to be a new exhibitor this year?

"Having attended the Christmas Gift + Hobby Show for many years, we may be the first exhibitor to bring hobbies to the shoppers and get people excited in crafting again. We will not be offering completed projects for purchase because we want to share the joy and pride that come with creating! Most of our Craft Boxes at the show allows shoppers to create their own wreath or ornament for less than it costs to purchase a similar pre-made item from a retail store. We think people will be excited to make Christmas decorations with a modern vibe!"

Q: Why should people come see you at the Christmas Gift & Hobby Show? 

"We hope everyone who visits our booth is inspired to create. Whether an item is purchased or not, we will share our love of crafting throughout the week by offering demonstrations, opportunities for attendees to learn a new craft and mini-craft giveaways."

Come see Jolie and Crystal at the 2019 Christmas Gift + Hobby Show from November 6-10 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds!

Design Tips from our Favorite

Oct 04, 2019

He’s back again! Our friend, Matt Muenster from HGTV and DIY Network’s Bath Crashers is stopping by the Deseret News Home Show, October 11-13 at the Mountain America Expo Center to talk design. Matt is a licensed contractor with a degree in interior design and over 10 years of experience practicing design professionally. You can find him on over 240 episodes on shows including HGTV and DIY Network’s Bath Crashers, BATHtastic!, Ellen’s Design Challenge, HGTV Dream Home 2015 and Blog Cabin. He’s makes outrageous design decisions that keep us coming back for more. Remember when he put a fireplace in a bathroom? Or created a bathroom sink out of an old Harley? Swing by the Design Stage to hear what he’ll do next!

Q & A

Q: What’s a simple upgrade that homeowners can tackle?

A: “Declutter. Putting things AWAY is FREE and it clears the way for finding what issues your renovation really needs to address.”

Q: Where do you go online to find inspiration?

A: “I’m usually on Houzz looking for inspiration.”

Q: What should homeowners’ splurge on? Is it necessary to get a custom couch or can your money be better spent?

A: “Artwork. Find meaningful things to hang on your walls – not junk from thrift stores.”

Q: When is it time to bring in an expert?

A: “Not every project around the house is a DIY project. There are consequences to making mistakes in some areas. Know your limitations and bring in the pros when the odds are stacked against you.”

Q: What tool should every homeowner own?

A: “You need a basic set of cordless power tools – drill, impact driver, circular saw, etc. There are varying levels of quality and price for these kits. Find one that fits your budget and abilities.”

For design inspiration, follow Matt on social media:

- Facebook:

- Instagram: @MattJMuenster

- Twitter: @MattJMuenster

Discuss design with Matt on the Design Stage:

- Friday. October 11th at 6pm

- Saturday, October 12th at 12pm

- Saturday, October 12th at 4pm

- Sunday, October 13th at 12pm

Sponsor Spotlight: Habitat For Humanity & The ReStore

Oct 04, 2019

We're excited to have Habitat For Humanity and the ReStore once again participating in the Vancouver Fall Home Show. Before you enjoy their display October 24-27 at the Vancouver Convention Centre-West, enjoy our brief interview below. Learn more about how they're helping our community and what you can do to support their efforts, then get a sneak peek at some of the pieces they'll be bringing. 

Habitat For Humanity

What do you think folks should know about your organization?

"Habitat for Humanity is a global organization that has provided safety and security through home ownership opportunities to millions around the world! We are currently building in the Vancouver area and 100% of monetary donations given to Habitat For Humanity Greater Vancouver goes toward the building efforts because of our amazing fundraising stores known as the ReStore."

Please describe your products and services.

"The ReStore is a furniture and building supply outlet that benefits families in the Vancouver area. We sell new and gently used products at outstanding prices. We currently have four locations in the Greater Vancouver area: Langley, North Vancouver and two in Burnaby. These ReStores are a hub to donate building materials, volunteer to help partner families, and provide a unique shopping experience like none-other! We also have a brand new online store where you can reserve items online and pick them up when it's most convenient for you!"

What are your best home or garden tips for the season?

"Don’t forget about lighting! We can get excited about the colour of the paint on the wall and the new knobs we put on a dresser, but if the room is dark no one will be able to appreciate it for all its worth! Make sure when you are thinking about home décor or updating your garden that you put some serious thought into how you are going to illuminate the space."

What's your favourite part about participating in the Vancouver Fall Home Show?

"Our favourite part is meeting you! Our booth is manned with volunteers and staff from Habitat for Humanity and we look forward to sharing our heart and vision with you. We dream of helping provide home ownership for thousands upon thousands of working families in Vancouver that simply in need of a hand up. We get so excited when we meet like-minded people at the Home show that care about others and want to give back to their community!"

What's your biggest home or garden pet peeve?

"Waste. Hundreds of tonnes of perfectly usable furniture and building supplies are thrown out and added to the landfill every year. We are not just hurting our planet, but also hurting our wallets with the cost of dump fees. The ReStore provides a better alternative, everyday we receive donations of furniture and building materials and even send out trucks to pick up goods. It breaks our heart when things go to the landfill especially if they are in perfect condition! We offer an opportunity for those goods to be re-sold to build and decorate homes rather than to simply be thrown out!"

Is there anything else you think Vancouver Fall Home Show guests should know?

"We are very excited to announce that every visitor who stops by our booth will be able to grab a special discount coupon for 30% off their next purchase at a local ReStore! We want to appreciate all of you who are just as passionate about home and garden renovations as us with some extra savings! so make sure you come out to our booth and say hi!"

The Vancouver Fall Home Show is your source for trusted home experts and project inspiration. Discover decor solutions and ideas when you connect with companies like the Restore. We can't wait to see you October 24-27 at the Vancouver Convention Centre-West.

Festive Fun With LEGO Display

Oct 04, 2019

“Small town charm with big city bustle” is what Doug Davis plans to bring to this year’s LEGO display at the Christmas Gift + Hobby Show.

Doug and the team from his custom LEGO creation company, It’s a Block Party, are planning to build a large metropolis at the highest point of the display, a large open reservoir in the center, and down at the kids' eye level will be a small town, complete with Santa and the charm of yesteryear.


“Last year, we created a small village in the mountains,” Doug said. “We had a ski lodge and winter activities with a steam engine taking town folks around. This year, we are working on a magical ‘Harry Potter’ train that makes its way through the big city - running up to the Hogwarts special stop at station Platform 9 3/4. We will have a very cool six-foot-long suspension bridge for the train to travel on over the reservoir. We also have some lake activities in the lowered reservoir in the center of town. We will have several big-city buildings that tower over the display and over the show attendees. We are adding lights and other features to the display we think the crowds will love. We will also provide a list of special hidden gems we hope people will enjoy looking for. Some will not be easy!”

Some of the creations are almost a year in the making - Doug began making some of the pieces soon after last year’s Christmas Gift + Hobby Show ended. He estimates the total number of pieces being used in this year’s display to be more than half a million. They are also inviting some of their club members to bring various creations that fit with the theme again this year, so there could be many more additional surprises to come.

“If anyone knows a fan of LEGO or is a fan themselves, they should come to our booth at the Christmas Gift + Hobby Show for sure,” Davis said. “Hang out with us, and find all the hidden creations within the display. See parts from your childhood, and see the magic this display creates in the mind of a child or the kid within us all. We will have plenty of LEGO sets, mini-figures, parts and pieces this year to add to your collection. When you want to make something you've been dreaming of, you can build it!”

You can meet Doug and experience his LEGO creation at the upcoming 2019 Christmas Gift + Hobby Show from November 6-10 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The perfect start to your holiday season, in addition to festive displays and seasonal performances on our Holiday Entertainment Stage, guests will also be able to enjoy tons of shopping. Don't miss it!


Oct 03, 2019

At the Raleigh Home Show, we’re all trying to go green - in our homes AND in our wallets. There are several ways that savvy savers can keep some of that green in their wallets at the upcoming show. Here are five ways to save: 



1. Special admission for local heroes. Know any active or retired military, police, fires or first responders? On Friday, the show is thanking them for their service with FREE admission on Friday, October 4, 2019. Offer requires a valid ID at the box office.

2. Senior discount. Senior Day is Friday, October 4. Tickets for Seniors 60+ are available for $6 online and at the box office with valid ID.Skip the Lines, Save Green.

3. Thank you to our teachers. Teacher Day is Sunday, October 6.  We invite educators to attend the show free of charge with valid faculty ID at the box office.

4. *ALL NEW* this year - Trade Day.  Complimentary admission is offered on Trade Day, Sunday, October 6 to those in a skilled trade or students enrolled in a vocational school, with ID.

Skip the lines and save. Guests can skip the line and save by purchasing tickets in advance by visiting 


For more information, please visit


Posted on: October 3, 2019